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Latest update corona virus- COVID 19 Nepal

Nobel coronavirus – COVID 19 is thrashing the life of Human beings. Numerous people are losing their life each day and the daily routine of each people of the world is being hampered because of COVID-19. Even the Corona was seen first in China but it is rapidly being spread throughout the world.

COVID -19 cases are already seen in 212 countries of the world. Out of them, Nepal the nearest country to China is giving full effort to protect its country members from COVID -19. Till April 20, 2020, 31 positive cases of COVID -19 has seen. Among 31 victims 4 of them have returned home after being recovered and the rest of the patients are being cured in different hospitals in isolation. According to the report, none of the people are serious and critical, there is a high chance of overcoming the viral attack of the coronavirus and being recover. chcek here for latest update of Covid situation

Symptoms of COVID -19

  1. High fever above 102°C
  2. Headache, Body ache and tiredness
  3. Sore throat with dry cough
  4. Running of the nose as in common cold
  5. Red rashes on legs

The incubation period of COVID -19 is 14 days. The symptoms begin to appear after 5-6 days in an infected person. COVID 19 virus can easily spread from an infected person to a healthy person through shaking hands, from tiny water droplets during sneezing and from saliva, metal devices, clothes, materials in contact of an infected person. Thus, it is very important to be in isolation after knowing the presence of COVID -19 in the body. One should go for medical checkup after appearing of general symptoms. So that spread of disease can be controlled and you can save you, your family and community.

Preventive measures of COVID – 19

  • Cleaning hands and feet frequently with sanitizer or hand wash or soap.
  • Drinking hot water or hot drinks many times a day.
  • Wearing gloves and mask
  • Self-quarantine
  • Covering mouth with elbow or handkerchief while sneezing and coughing.
  • Avoiding handshaking, close contact and maintaining distance with people in public places, shop and market.
  • A proper cure to general headache, fever and the common cold
  • Avoid touching face and sense organs with hands
  • Maintain personal hygiene and eat a balanced diet with enough amount of vitamin C to increase immunity power.

The government of Nepal is imposing lockdown since 28 days for preventing the spread of COVID 19. Lockdown has effectively prevented the spread of the virus but it is causing great loss in the economy of the country. The workless and homeless people of Kathmandu are leaving Kathmandu on foot due to Lockdown. It is being hart to survive for those people who are staying in rent and having less income. The government is providing food for helpless people throughout the country.

We should keep patience and support the government for preventing the spread of COVID -19 by applying all preventive measures and staying in quarantine. Stay home Stay safe. Our efforts will, of course, make us safe and we will have a normal life again.

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