female traveling to Nepal

Story from a solo female traveling to Nepal

The solo female traveling to Nepal story begins I first traveled to Nepal in February 2018 for a fourteen-week long internship at the Royal Beach Camp, Dhading, Nepal. When I left my home in upstate New York, I was 21 years old and totally by myself. I was terrified because I did not know the language, I did not know anybody in the country, and I didn’t really do any research beforehand. My family was super supportive and happy for me, but that doesn’t help when you are a 24-hour plan trip away!The moment I arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, I was overwhelmed. As with any busy airport, it was chaotic, people shouting (in all sorts of languages), people pushing, all the signs were in Nepali, and at first, I thought I might cry. Then, I followed the crowd of people from my flight straight towards immigration, very easy to find.

 solo woman travel to Nepal

The system to apply for a visa and pay, even though it took a long time, was fairly simple. After I officially had my visa, I continued following the crowd to the airport exit. Right there were tons of stalls selling phone SIM cards. For a much higher price, yes. But, the vendors took good care of my phone and me and set everything up for me so that I could message my family immediately. As soon as I exited the airport, there was a mass of taxis and shuttles all fighting for passengers. I managed to find the one sign with my name on it and that was the real start to my life-changing journey.

 solo woman travel to NepalThe second I landed in Kathmandu, I felt a sense of welcoming, friendliness, and the desire to help me. Every person I talked to was trustworthy, helpful, and got me where I needed to go. If you have never traveled alone, I 100% recommend traveling to Nepal first. I never felt unsafe or even, lonely. I never felt lonely because every person I met was beyond friendly and I knew I had a home everywhere I went.

When I was first introduced to Damu and Mission Summit Treks  that feeling was only extended. I knew Damu would help me with everything I could need and I felt totally protected. Traveling and trekking solo in Nepal is totally reasonable and I would personally recommend it to anyone considering! If you have any questions or concerns, contact Mission Summit or you can email me at [email protected] .In conclusion we can say that Nepal is very safe for Solo female traveler to Nepal.

Abby enjoying village lifeAbby enjoying village life

solo woman travel to Nepal                         

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1 Comment

  1. Maria Theresa Seno

    I always travel solo and Nepal is one of my bucket list
    Landing in an unknown place has always been a challenge and making through the process is an achievement
    Meeting Damu Mainali and making my 10- day program from Kathmandu’s Monkey temple, Bhaktapur, BadriNath, Chitwan jungle/ jeep safari, canoeing, showcasing Tharu village’s culture, Tharu cultural dance, Pokhara’s paragliding which was the highlight of it all was worth the stay and the time
    As a globe trotter who have hopped to a lot of countries, talking about adventure and nature, Go Nepal…it is the best!
    Not only has Damu given me the taste of Nepal, but he etched a footprint for me to come back and probably explore, trek and climb in the future
    Thank you, i will cherish and treasure beautiful memoirs of Nepal

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