Things to know before the Himalayan trek

Tips for Himalayan trek

Every traveler has a dream to visit Nepal, enjoying with its natural beauty and be on the lap of Himalayan. There may be the problem on knowing the ways of travelling and giving respect to the people living on Himalayan region. Travelling not only gives you fun and fulfill your desire. It will let you to learn different lesson related to life and place.

If you are planning to visit Nepal, the following things are much important to know about Nepal before being here.

Etiquettes to follow

  • Be towards the mountain while passing through mules and yaks.
  • Keep Mani walls to yours right when you pass them.
  • Please ask the local people before taking their picture.
  • Always ask before taking picture inside holy places.
  • Don’t encourage begging.
  • Do not litter batteries and sanitary pads must be packed out.
  • Avoid mineral water bottles.
  • Do not bargain in lodges.
  • Do not harm or disturb wildlife and Sherpa culture.
  • Follow the rules of National park.
  • Do not pitch camp outside of settlement.
  • Try to keep firewood use in the lodges to a mountain.
  • Trying to use long dress.
  • Climb high sleep low.
  • Start the journey early to reach the destination on appropriate time.

 To prevent Altitude Sickness (AMS)

 Things to do Himalayan:

  • Above 2500 meters, limit your daily ascent to 500 meters between night stops.
  • Have a rest day every 3 days or 1000 meters ascent,
  • Drink 3 litters of fluid every day. ORS is highly recommended.
  • Make sure you are warmly clothed at all times. Carry fleece in your day pack and make use of your wind stopper.

Things not to do in Himalayan:

  • Don’t continue ascent with a headache or any other sign of altitude illness.
  • Avoid alcohol at all costs.
  • Don’t take sleeping pills, period.
  • Don’t sleep during the day and generally stay active.
  • Avoid heavy extortion.

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