Journey to Everest base camp

10 Days Journey to Everest base camp and Its Itinerary

10 days Journey to Everest base camp and Its Itinerary   – A most popular destination for trekkers in Nepal!

Climbing on the summit of  Mt.Everest is the hardest part ever we can imagine. Every traveler has a dream of being on the base camp of Mount Everest even though they couldn’t reach the summit.

The Filipino named Rodel came to Nepal with the aim of stepping on the EBC (Everest base camp). As I am a local trekking guide, I took all the responsibilities of managing the required materials for him. He arrived in Nepal on August 8. Being ready for traveling towards Everest, we reached the airport in the early morning of 9th August for the flight Lukla on accurate time but unfortunately, it was delayed. We wait until 12 P.M. and the flight was canceled because of bad weather. So, we came back from the airport.

We went airport the next day, took a boarding pass, and were ready to be on the plane. The news of the bad weather in Lukla was announced. The flight was canceled again and we return back from the airport.

I booked the ticket for the 1st flight on 11th August. We were not confident on that day as well as because of the bad weather in Kathmandu. It was raining the whole night. As we went airport, we came to know that our flight is being delayed. I was not sure if we could have a flight or not.  At 8 a.m. we came to know that the weather in Lukla is being good and  Finally, we flew towards Lukla. After 27 minutes we land on Lukla (2700m).

Both, me and my guest became very happy to be on Lukla. It was an awaited incident for us three days earlier.

10 Days Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 1 : Fly to Lukla (2,804m) & trek to Phakding (2,640m)

Day 2: Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m/11283)

Day 3: Acclimatization Day – Hike to Everest View Hotel (3,962m/12995ft)

Day 4: Namche to Tengboche (3860m/12660ft)

Day 5: Tengboche to Pheriche (4300m/)

Day 6: Pheriche to Lobuche (4910m/16105ft)

Day 7: Trek to Gorak shep (5,180m) trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC)

Day 8: Hike to Kalapatthar (5,550m) at sunrise & trek to Pheriche (4300 m)

Day 9: Trek Back to Namche Bazaar (3,440 m)

Day 10: Trek to Lukla (2,804 m)

10 Days Journey to Everest Base Camp and its Itinerary 

10 Days Everest Base Camp trek Begin from Lukla and End at Lukla

Lukla to Phakding

We have a light breakfast with tea after reaching Lukla. Then we start our journey towards Phakding at 9:30 am. Phakding lies at a lower altitude than Lukla. It takes only four hours to reach Phakding from Lukla. We walked on the bank of Dudh Koshi, took photographs of the wonderful nature, and reached Pakding after four hours.

Phakding is a small town having more hotels than local houses. Thus, we ate our lunch on Phakding and took rest. I had not slept well last 2,3  nights. So, I became asleep as soon as I lay on the bed. Unfortunately, my guest Rodel suffer from food poisoning which I knew after being awake. Till then he was fine.

Thus, I advise all travelers to be careful and eat selective food on a limited amount in Nepal. The changing environment and food of the cold region may not favor you all the time.

August 12

Phakding to Namche

The journey begins at 8 a:m from Pakhding after having breakfast at around 7:30 am.  Walking on the bank of Dudh Koshi, being either it’s left or right, we reached the village named Manjo after crossing three suspension bridges.

Manjo village is a beautiful village. There are many hotels so that travelers can take a rest and have food. The entry point of Sagarmatha national park also lies in  Manjo village. I took the permit costing Rs 3000 for my guest and we started the journey towards uphill. As we reached the village named Jorshalye, we ate our lunch and headed towards Namche.

Walk on the bank of Dudh Koshi for 45min took us on the conflux of two rivers Dudhkoshi and Bhotekoshi. The bridge on the highest altitude was judging us, It is the Hillari suspension bridge. The highest suspension bridge in the world. We walk towards the bridge and cross it. After crossing the bridge, the way was much steep and should walk uphill for about 2- 2.5 hours.

The whole path up to Namche was uphill. So, we were much tired. Rodel was more tired than me. He wasn’t able to walk properly even though he did not let him down. He was giving full effort. The Uphill is known as a pine tree trail because of the tall and wonderful pine trees as designated walls of fancy houses. We reached the checkpoint after a 1-hour walk. We entered and see 2,3 homes of Namche from the checkpoint. I become excited and turn towards my guest. He was happy with a good smile on his face. It made me happier. After the checkpoint, we walk the stone step and reach Namche after 10-15 minutes.

Namche is  Himalayan Thamel or mimiThamel of Nepal. A good Hotel with all types of facilities is available in Namche.  We can get Bars and restaurants as well.

Some photographs and videos on the gate of Namche make us much excited and we went towards the hotel. There is a rule that one should take lodging and food facilities from the same hotel. The rule was such that because the business of Hotel on Namche is based on providing quality food than lodging. We can get special food on Namche.

As we had walked a lot throughout the day. I was much tired. I took a rest and was asleep up to 7 pm. After getting up, I ordered food for us and went to bed after dinner.

Namche is the birthplace of Sherpa including Khumjung, Kundye, Phorste, and Makalu area. So, most of the locals are Sherpas and they are oriented on the business of tourism and providing good facilities to the guest.Hillary Suspension bridge on the way to Namche Bazar

August 13

Rest day in Namche Bazzar

We stay in Namche as a rest day. We were planning to visit Khumjung and Everest view hotel. Because the Everest view hotel lies on an altitude of 3800m which is the greatest height among other hotels of Namche. Also, we could get acclimatization in the Everest view Hotel. Rodel was very tired. Therefore, we canceled the plan and just visit Namche and took rest.

August 14

Namche Bazzar to Tengboche

The trek from Namche Bazar to Tengboche is the best trial. It is because we could easily see Mt. Everest, Mt. Loshte, Loshte Shar, Amma Dablam, Tabuche, Cholache, Mt. Thamsekhu, Khakteka, KhusumKhangaru.

Since the month is of August, the closeup view of the mountain could not be seen due to clouds. So, we wake up at around 5:00 am and packed up our bags and then started our journey at 7:00 am.

The path up to 15 min walk was uphill and a flat path was followed with a wonderful view of Himalayan. Because of month of August and cloudy weather, we saw the view of Mt. Everest, Loshte, Loshte Shar, Amma Doblam, Thamsekhu, Kusum Khangaru only. So, the Rest of the mountains were behind clouds.

I was feeling hungry before reaching Kaynjuma due to having light breakfast. So, we took rest for a while on the way and ate some cookies. We started the journey and reached KaynjumaSannasa and PhungiThanga. The path was plain up to KaynjumaSannasa whereas it was downhill up to PhungiThanga.

It was already 12 pm until we reached Phungi Thanga. We ate our Lunch there as Phungi Thanga is a lunch camp. We took rest after having Lunch and started the walk towards uphill. Phungi Thanga lies on an altitude of 3200m and Tengboche is at 3800m. After 3-hours, we reached Tengboche. Rodel was completely tired. So, I helped him by carrying his bag for some while.

The name Tengboche was kept on the name of the Monastery. It is because the TengbocheMonastry is known to be the oldest and the most powerful Monastery of that area. Monk worship here at 3pm every day. But they stay somewhere out during August. So, Monastery remains opened but regular worship by monk will not be done as on other months.

We moved around the Monastery. The hardest part of the day was, we walked uphill until 3-hours with rain cover after taking Lunch. Rainfall occurred as we started a journey from PhungiThanga towards Tangbucha.

Because of the offseason, most of the hotel remains closed. So,we choose one of the open hotel and book rooms. Til l then the rain was falling. So, we entered the room. I made myself busy with writing story and Rodel was resting with looking captured videos and Photographs.

We will have a journey towards Tengboche to Pheriche Tomorrow.Everest panoramic view Trek

August 15

Tengboche to Pheriche

We could see the beautiful sceneries of the mountain from Tengboche, in the early morning. So, we woke up around 5:00 am and enjoy the view. The scenery made us  say that Nepal is really a wonderful place to travel. Views are always great in the early morning even in the month of August or off-season or any day of any month.

After walking 20 min downhills, we reached Debuche and crossed the river and walked towards Pagbuche. We walked uphills again and crossed Mani Wall Stupa, Choteten, and reached Pagbuche. Upper Pagbuche is a village of Local Sherpa and Lower Pagbuche is a famous place for tourism. We can see beautiful Amma Dablam and the path towards Amma Dablam also lies in it.

Slowly we moved towards Somer. The mind-blowing views, the flowing river, and its burbles, the most amazing feeling and peace of mind. Yes, I was thanking God for letting me be in such a place that makes me feel as if I am in Heaven. I was feeling lucky to be in this beautiful part of the world. The whole environment energized me and my guest.

There was an uphill before reaching Somare. We climbed it slowly and took rest for 30 min. Again, we mooned towards Pheriche. As it’s rainy season in Nepal, monsoon makes the surrounding foggy. We reached Pheriche after a walk of 1:30 min from Somare.

The cold breeze was felt frequently due to being on the bank river. We reached the hotel and its room with a feeling of coldness. We took a rest for about half an hour and ordered food. After eating dinner, we went to bed.View from tangbuche

August 16

Pheriche  to Labuche

The path from Periche to Lobuche was easy to walk. Even though it’s the path of the beginning of altitude.  As prevention is better than cure, we become wise and walked slowly.

Pheriche lies on an altitude of 4200m and Lobuche at 5000m. So, we planned to move slowly and start our journey from 7:30 am after having breakfast on lodge where we were staying.

The path was almost plain. So, we were feeling much comfort. We saw shed of yak and raring yak. The morning weather was much more pleasant even in the month of August. We were walking and our eyes were busy observing and enjoying the mountains around us.

After crossing the yak shed, we walked up hills and crossed the river. We reached the place named Thukla. We ate some cookies with tea and continued our journey. The way was of altitude (atmosphere with less amount of oxygen and low atmospheric pressure). We were feeling tired. Rodel was being more uncomfortable, even though he was walking. Slowly we reached to Monument. The monument was of climbers. And, the path was easier after passing the monuments.

We could see different mountains in other months. But we were in the month of August, the weather was foggy, not clear at all. Different happiness can be felt but we couldn’t. All the mountains were hiding behind the fog.

We moved towards Lobuche and reached there at around 2:00 pm. We had our Lunch. My guest was very tired, maybe due to altitude. He was asking to take rest. I suggest him not to sleep more hours. He took rest and I moved out for a walk.

After having dinner at 7:00 am, we went to bed. Early to bed was for rising up earlier the next morning.Everest Base camp trek Best time to visit

August 17

Lobuche to GorkShep and Journey to Everest base camp

Today is the most exciting day of our Journey. The day which will take us to our destination. We labored hard, walked hours and hours, days and days to be on EBC. Thus, more energy and enthusiasm were encouraging us.

We woke up earlier and had our breakfast at around 5:30 am. Then, we started our journey. Rodel was feeling uneasy, he was taking a long breathe. We walked slowly. The weather was charming, fantastic, mindblowing…. boohoo! it was unexplainable.

Numste, KhubusteChagaste, Mt. Pumari, and Lobuche Peak were shinning. We were just feeling marvelous. We were seeing Everest as well from some places while walking. The path where we were walking is known as rocky path. We reached GorkShep through the path of the glacier. We ate some light food and took rest for 30 min then, moved towards Everest base camp.

Rainfall occurred immediately after a walk of a few minutes. It might be the effect of global warming. We were well prepared and had got rain cover. So, rainfall didn’t disturb us. The weather became foggy too.

Finally, we reached our destination (The EBC)after walking for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Wow! the most awaited moment for a long time. We felt blessed, and remembered our god, parents and beloved. Unlimited happiness and excitement were roaming in us.

Rodel was suffering from a headache. We stayed on base camp for an hour. We took many photographs. Then we returned towards GorkShep within 1 hour and 30 minutes. The cold weather of base camp and fast movement towards Gorkshep made me tired as well. I was suffering from knee pain.

We stayed near the heater for some while after reaching Gorkshep. Ordered and ate some food. Really, we were very Happy. Rodel was enjoying the Himalaya, new place and a long challenging journey.

We were planning to climb Kalapathar for observing the wonderful view of Mt. Everest. We could view the marvelous scenery of mountains from there. Therefore, we slept earlier to rise up early in the next morning.

The network was available on GorkShep. Thus, the guest remains busy sharing feelings about the trip and with family members.

There is a limited lodge on Gorkshep and Lobuche. It’s important to do advance booking on a good season. In case we didn’t do the booking, it would be much difficult to get the room.

Journey to Everest Base Camp

August 18

Ghorshep to Pheriche 

We wake up at around 4:00 AM and went to see the sunrise from Kalapather (5545m). We went uphill with holding torchlight.

We could see a wonderful view of mt. Everest after a short walk from Gorakshep. Some travelers return back from base camp but I suggest traveling towards kalapather.

We didn’t go towards the summit we returned back after seeing the mind-blowing view of mt. Everest.

We went towards Labuche after taking breakfast. Then we walked around 6 hours and reached Pheriche. We decided to have a night stay in Pheriche because we were tired.

August 19

Pheriche to Namche

We woke up early in the morning as usual and took breakfast. We walked towards Namche. The day was very hard because we walked uphills and downhills of Tangboche and kaynjuma. So, this path remains as a challenging path for the whole trip. We walked around eight hours facing rainfall after 12 PM. And then with rain cover, wearing a raincoat. Finally, we reached Namche.

August 20

Namche to Lukla 9 Hours Walk

The last day to walk on this trip. We woke up early in the morning and start our journey at around 7:00 am after having breakfast.

The path was totally downhill from Namche to Jorsalle. We were not tired. So, were walking with comfort. The uphill while moving towards Namche was being downhill. the burble of the river, pine trail, and peaceful environment was energizing us. We reached Phakding after walking for 4 hours. We have our lunch and took rest for some while then start our journey toward Lukla.

Lukla lies 300-meter higher then pakding. We reached Lukla after walking 3 hours from Phakading. The path was pleasant. the flowing river, Mani wall, Prayer from the monastery, and prayer flag (lunga ).

In this way, Damu (Me) and Rodel complete a memorable wonderful journey. It was really the best one and I want to thank my guest Rodel for his cooperation and support.

if you want more details about Everest Trekking then please feel free and contact us.

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