Nepal Trek Booking Open For 2024 2025

Terms and Condition

The below booking terms and conditions are written by Mission Summit Treks & Expeditions and apply to all of our trips.

1. Booking

Booking your trek prior to your arrival in Nepal will allow time for permits to be issued, questions to be answered, and will make the process a lot easier for you.

2. Payment

When booking one of our tours, you must provide 30% of the cost up front in order to reserve your trip date. The remainder of the cost can be paid later, upon arrival in Kathmandu.

3. Your Trip

It is the responsibility of all our trekkers to to check with the Nepal consulate for current visa requirements. Furthermore, we recommend you verify health and visa requirements prior to departure. A Travel Insurance Policy is also suggested in case of any trip canceling or changing.

4. Assumption of Risk

Each trekker should understand that when trekking in the mountains, they are at a certain amount of risk. These risks could include the hazards of traveling in mountainous terrain, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities, and the forces of nature. By signing up for our treks, the trekker agrees to assume all risk associated with their trip and agrees that the liability will be attached to the company, its outfitters, employees or agents, or to any member or the trip group in respect to death, personal injury, illness, or delay of trekker, or for any loss or damage to the property of a trekker during the duration of the trip, howsoever caused. The trekkers must understand the inherent risk associated with adventure trips and should accept it.

5. Cancellation Policy

It is a rare occurrence that we should have to cancel a trip on our end, initiated by Mission Summit Treks. However, if so, we will notify you at the earliest possible and will refund your trip deposit 100%, but there is no compensation policy at this time. In case you are cancelling your trip, for whatever reason, there are a few policies to be aware of. -One month prior to the trip, 70% of trip deposit is refundable -25 days prior to the trip, 50% of the trip deposit is refundable -15 days prior to the trip, 25% of the trip deposit is refundable -Seven days prior to the trip, trip deposit is non-refundable

6. Booking Amendments

Mission Summit is able to change or amend your trip booking free of charge. However, any extra costs in terms of hotels cancelled, flights delayed or cancelled, or any pre-booked dates for trekking permits will be the trekker’s responsibility.

7. Late Bookings

We accept late trek bookings often and without extra charge. Check our website or contact us for the most recent updates to our trekking schedule.

8. Authority of the Leader

Our trekking guide reserves the right to refuse continuing to lead any trekker(s) causing inconvenience or annoyance to others in the group, or creating difficulties that prevent a smooth running trip. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions, or any consequential losses resulting from that. If a trekker becomes ill or injured, all evacuation and hospital expenses, doctors’ fees or other medical expenses, are the trekker’s responsibility and Mission Summit will not be liable for any refund for the trip cost.

9. Complaints

As a fast growing company, we actively welcome feedback from clients. We always accept serious suggestions for improvement.

10. Health, Fitness, and Age Limits

Good health and average physical fitness is optimal for completing a successful trek. An up-to-date physical examination is recommended for trekker’s interested in extended trips.

11. Publicity Mission Summit

Treks may use photos and videos of our trekker’s for advertisement. If any trekker would be prefer to not be photographed, please let us know and we will abide.

12. Emergency Rescue Evacuation

Helicopters in the mountain ranges cost roughly $1,800-$2,500 per hour and normally, from trekking routes to Kathmandu, helicopters would fly for three to four hours. All dependent on location, severity of injury, weather, etc. Trekkers must all have Medical & Rescue Insurance before starting a trip with Mission Summit Treks. Our company would arrange the evacuation and rescue operation and the cost would be settled after arriving in Kathmandu. We can also gather all the necessary documents as support to submit to trekker’s insurance companies.

13. Unforeseen Events

The itineraries seen on the website, on our Facebook page, or given to you by our guides are meant as a rough idea, not as a contractual obligation. An itinerary can change dependent on a variety of factors, such as weather, transportation difficulties, political instability, injuries, and more. Our trekking guide will make all decisions and changes necessary for a smooth trip. Only rarely will such changes be significant and Mission Summit Treks will do everything in its power to minimize the effects of any enforced change. We cannot be held response.