Mount Everest fashion Runway

A new Guinness world record on Everest Base Camp

Every moment changes into history with the movable time. If we do something new and interesting than other recorded things then it would be listed in Guinness world record. Recently the world has got a new Guinness world record in kalapather 5545m, Everest Base Camp. It’s none other than The Mount Everest Fashion Runway.

The Mount Everest fashion Runway

On Sunday, Jan 2020, Nepal conducted the Mount Everest Fashion Runway at an elevation of 5340 meters (17515 feet).  The place-name is Kala Patthar which is very near to Everest Base Camp. Nepal conducts the event as a part of the visit year 2020.

There were 18 supermodels from 10 different countries who were walking on the Ramp during the Fashion Runway. It was really a challenge to be a part of The Mount Everest Fashion Runway because of extreme climatic conditions and the highest altitude. A warm greeting and respect to all participants from mission summit treks and expeditions for supporting Nepal to make visit Nepal year 2020 successful.

The Fashion Runway creates history as being the first program related to fashion Runway. The title of the event become registered in the Guinness world record. Also, Different organizers including Dr. Pankaj Gupta from India and Ms. Ramila Nemkul and Mr. Riken Maharjan from Nepal were awarded a certificate through The Guinness world record.A new Guinness world record on Everest Base Camp

Objectives of fashion Runway

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, The main objectives of The Mount Everest fashion Runway was to create awareness about climate change. Also, to flow the information for the globe that Nepal is the destination for all activities.

Because the Show was completely eco-friendly, they use Biodegradable materials regarding design, patterns, and apparel. Even models use probiotic detergents to decrease the carbon footprint.

The Secretary of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal, Kedar Bahadur Adhikari and other dignitaries also attended the show and supported for the organizers.

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