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About Nepal Country

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Nepal’ is literally formed from two words ’Ne’ (holy) and ‘pal'(place) is one of the Federal Democratic Republic country located at South Asia. It occupies an area of 0.003% of the world.

Nepal is like the yam between two stones representing itself as a landlocked country between two big countries. India in east, west and south then China in the north at 28º00´ N 84º00´E on the Earth.

Nepal is the ninety-third largest country including the population (of 29,941,195 based on latest united Nations estimate) . That is 0.39% of the world population within an area of about 147181sq km.

Geographically Nepal is divided into three regions. 

Himalayan region

The Himalayan region of Nepal is the major point of attraction. It is because of having top 8 highest ranges of the Earth including the highest peak the Mount Everest. It occupies 16% of the total land with extreme cold temperature and vegetation of cold climatic conditions.

The beautiful Himalayan ranges are not only the source of attraction for viewing and climbing(trek). These are the roots of various rivers and riverluts flowing on the country as the main source of water.

Hilly region

Hilly region  is the region having an evergreen forest, mountains and valleys. Various landscape with varying altitude and magnitude make most attractive. It occupy 65% of the total land with moderate temperature. The natural beauty of the forest with diversified flora and fauna are the essential parts research on living beings and atmosphere of the country. 

Terai region

Terai literally known as plain land is the lowland of the country.It occupies an area of 17% of the total country. It is food factory of the nation because of the fertile land exist here. Various national parks, numerous lakes, rivers rivulets, wetlands and diversified flora and fauna of hot and humid climatic conditions are the source of research and entertainment.

All these three regions are geographically situated from east to west hemisphere and are scatter into seven provinces. Mechi and Mahakali are amazing rivers which acts as boarder line of the country on east and west region.

Special features of Nepal

The unique geographical position and variation in altitude makes Nepal as one of the richest country in biodiversity. Probably it is only one of the country all type of climatic and topographic variation. It could provide a great opportunity to travel from subtropical low lands to Alpine glaciers.

Non other than Nepal can be the best choice to get an experienceof  altitudes form about 60meter to the base of highest mountain on the Earth(8848m). This experience is possible within two weeks. Also it includes the temperature variation from -40° degree Celsius to +40° degree Celsius.  The climate ranges from monsoon and humid to dry shadow and frozen zone.

‘Kathmandu’ the capital of country is the greatest holy place also known as land of Pashupatinath. It includes different world cultural heritage sites such as Pashupatinath, Shyambunath, Bouddha, Kathmandu durbar square etc.

Every region of the country is as a gift of nsture. Because of its fascinating wonderful natural resources, no one can stop observing and capturing its beauty.

The white Himalaya acts as roof of the country holding various mountainous ranges. Yes, the landscape are difficult but the colorful rhododendrons and other biodiversity followed by clean, pure water flowing rivers and waterfalls adds beauty on it.

Different monasteries and Stupa on the highest and difficult landscape make us to feel wow and wonder ourself on the beauty of the country.

 So,we can say whole Nepal is a sample piece of perfect place with enormous beauty of nature. It is the most important place to visit with respect to nature, culture, biodiversity and multi-ethnic people living in the various region withholding the challenges.

Therefore once be in Nepal, touch and feel its beauty in your lifetime.


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