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Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost

Tent Camping24 May 2023

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost comes in one number of the priority list before planning the Annapurna Circuit trek. Trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal offers the heavenly beauty of the landscape below the hanging Annapurna range, Mt Fishtail, Gangapurna, and Annapurna South. Cost depends on the type of trip either in service or in package.

What are Service trek and Package trek?

Service trek refers to the trekking type on which the trekking company will provide a guide, porter, permit, and transportation only. Service trek doesn’t include accommodation and food charge but we will manage tea houses depending on your choice. Thus Annapurna circuit the cost for the service trek will be less as compared to the Annapurna circuit trek package.

Package trek refers to trekking on which the trekking company will give a complete service required to trek in Nepal Himalaya. The trekking package includes a guide, porter, transportation, accommodation, food, and sleeping bag. Thus Annapurna circuit trek cost for package is expensive than the service trek.

It’s all up to you whether you want to do the Annapurna circuit trek package or service trek on the Annapurna circuit. Comparatively, your expenses for the service trek will be high because you have to pay yourself for accommodation and food. Whereas in the package you can save your money after payment to the company for the budget trek. Annapurna Circuit Trek costs 2023 for a budget trek/package is 1230$ per person. Similarly, the Annapurna circuit trek with Tlicho Lake cost is 1300$ per adult.

Different categories of Annapurna circuit trek cost

Trekking companies should pay on various categories like a guide, porter, food, accommodation, transportation, management team, permit, and many more for completing trek in package. The most important field essential to invest for the Annapurna circuit trek are listed below:

Annapurna circuit trek cost for Guide

Guide cost will be included in the package. Generally, the guide took their salary from the company. The Annapurna Circuit Trek Guide cost start from 25$ to 65$ depending on experience, knowledge, language, and the Number of Trekkers.

Annapurna circuit trek cost for Porter

Porters are your helper to carry your bag. The salary for the porter will be determined by the company. Generally, one porter carries a load of two trekkers. The porter's cost ranges from 20$ to 30$ depending on the trekking route.

Annapurna circuit trek Accommodation cost

Annapurna region offers 15 – 20 trekking destinations in different locations of the Annapurna landscape. Tea houses are available for night stay in all seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Cost for accommodation remains higher in high altitudes compared to low elevations. Annapurna circuit trek accommodation cost varies from 4$ to 6$ for the budget trek. Standard room is also available in the Annapurna circuit route with high cost ranging depending on the hotel. Generally, standard room cost ranges from 10$ to 25$ in the ACT route.

ACT Cost for transportation

After your arrival in Nepal, you should drive from the airport to the hotel and Kathmandu to Beshisahar Transportation cost will be included in the Annapurna circuit trek package. The cost of transportation ranges from 27$ to 50$. The cost will be high if we use a private car.

Food rate in Annapurna Circuit trek

Hygienic food is very important for successful trekking. The rate of food varies from tea house to tea house and depends on the food items. Nepali thali is an expensive food item as compared to noodles, porridge, pasta, and mo: mo. The average food rate in the Annapurna circuit trek per day is 27$ to 30$.

Annapurna circuit Trek Package Cost

Annapurna circuit trek package cost for Indians will be around 45000 INR  and 35000 NPR  for Nepali Citizens for the budget trek. Since the permit fee for SAARC countries is cheaper than other countries of the world the rate of ACT package is less expensive for Indians comparatively foreigners.

Annapurna Circuit permit cost

Permit cost is the same for solo treks and group treks. You need an Annapurna conservation area permit for ACT. Annapurna circuit permit cost is NRS 3000 per person entering the ACAP. you can issue the permit from Nepal Tourism Board Bhrikti Mandap Kathmandu. There is a lot of question about whether we can get a permit without a local guide or Not. End of 2022 they were issuing it without a guide but still Labour Association giving pressure on the Nepal Tourism Board to stop issuing FIT permits and make a compulsory Guide for Any trekking route of Nepal. If it will compulsory we will update you from here.  Nepal Tourism Board offer all conservation and national perk permit and it is near by Thamel.

Cost for mineral water/hot water

Hot water will be available in the tea house.  One liter of hot water charges 2$ - 5$ depending on the tea house and altitude. Always remember to drink enough water to be safe from dehydration.

Cost of a hot shower

Taking a hot shower every day will not be possible in the trekking region. In high elevation, you will not get an attached room but you can ask for a bucket of hot water to take a bath. You have to pay separately for taking a hot shower which charges 5$.

Cost of Charging gadget

Annapurna circuit is a remote area where solar power is more in use than electricity. Thus You should pay separately for charging gadgets. depending on the tea house you should pay 2 $ per gadget per hr of charge.

Note: The cost mentioned above is for a group trek rather than a solo trek. Annapurna Circuit solo trek will be 22% more expensive than the group trek.


Trekking to the Annapurna circuit after contacting with the trekking company is a far better and easier way of trekking. The article above has described the most essential fields of payment one should do for the Annapurna circuit trek achievement. Mission summit treks and expedition provides all the services mentioned above in our ACT package. Feel free to contact us. The larger group will have a good discount.


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