Best time for Everest Base Camp Trek.

When is the Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek?

When a query of the best time for  Everest Base Camp trek comes in mind, spring and autumn is perfect answer. The best season of the year: Spring and autumn are considered the best time for Everest base camp trek  trek due to pleasant weather. Moderate temperature and clear sky, favorable time for hotel and teahouse holders, safe Lukla flight favors trekking in Everest region.

When we think about trekking in Nepal, Everest base camp trek comes in first choice. Yes, experience of minor trekking is essential but most important is the best time for Everest base camp trek. It is due to challenging elevation in Everest base camp trek, the higher the elevation greater will be the risk. Various health related issues may arise if you don’t trek Everest base camp in right time. Rainy days, flight cancellation, less opened hotels, no alternative in food no view of mountains are common problem in offseason. Foggy days, extremely low temperature in winter and rainy days of monsoon season makes your trek worse. Thus we prefer only spring and autumn season as the best times.

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When is the best time for  Everest Base Camp trek?

The Spring season and autumn season are the best time for the Everest Base Camp trek/(EBC) trek.

Spring season – the best time for the Everest base camp trek

The month of March, April and May comes under spring season. It is considered as the best time for Everest base camp trek due to best view of mountain during trek. In March optimum temperature remains 7⁰C in day and -12⁰C in night. In April, optimum temperature remains 10⁰C in day and – 5C in night. Similarly during May, the optimum temperature remains 15⁰ C and 0⁰ C in day and night respectively. Thus you can choose either March or April or May depending on your temperature tolerance by body. While taking about best scenery and clear Mountain View, you will have fabulous view throughout the trek. Clear sky, greenery in lower elevation, blooming flowers, and sparkle of central Himalayan mountain range makes your trek awesome in spring.

Table 1: Optimum temperature during day and night in the spring season

MonthsThe average temperature during dayThe average temperature during night

Comparatively, May is the hottest month of spring season while March is the coldest month. Thus April is most favorable for Everest base camp trek.

Autumn season – the best time for Everest base camp trek

September, October and November are months fall in autumn season. After end of monsoon in Nepal, you will not have rainy days. Everyday remains pleasant with clear sky, moderate temperature and amazing view of mountain range. The optimum temperature in days of September, October and November remains 17⁰ C, 12⁰C and 7⁰C respectively. Similarly in night the optimum temperature remains 3⁰C, -7⁰C, and -12⁰C in September, October and November respectively. Almost all tea houses remains open and favorable weather makes your trekking awesome.

Table 2: The optimum temperature during Day and night in autumn season:

MonthsAverage temperature during dayAverage temperature during night

Which season is unfavorable for the Everest base camp trek?

Winter and summer are unfavorable for the Everest base camp trek.

Winter season – the month of December, January and February bears extremely low temperature. Tea houses in higher altitudes remain closed and unfavorable weather doesn’t support trekking.

Summer season – June, July and August has moderate temperature but heavy rainfall, foggy weather and cloudy days ruin your trekking. Delay in Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and vice versa occurs frequently due to bad weather in summer season. Steep path, less tea houses, no choices in food are common problems in the monsoon season.

Thus don’t choose the winter and summer seasons for the Everest base camp trek.

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