Gadimai mela

Gadimai Mela

Gadimai Mela Nepal– Himalayan country with the richest cultural diversity offers you not only the natural beauty, but also the ancient historical occasions and the festivals with great faith and believe as well. With beginning of 2019, religious people are eager to be on the yard of Goddess Gadimai. More than Half million pilgrims are on excitement to celebrate this special festival. This time the festival will creat a new history wthout taking life of  animals.

So, here we come with another reason for travelling Nepal. It’s The Gadi Mai mela comming soon on Nov/Dec, 2019. We mission summit treks warmly welcomes you to enjoy this festival to fulfill your wishes with most memorable time ever you had.

Gadi Mai mela – an event with religious faith

Gadi mai mela – the most popular event in Hinduism is celebrate by worshipping goddess Gadimai on Gadimai Temple. Around five hundred thousand people visit Gadimai temple during the posse (mela).

Gadi Mai Temple

  Temple Gadi Mai lies in Bariyarpur, Mahagadhimai Municipality of Bara District. It is about 100 miles far from south of central Nepal. Also, it is near to the Indo-Nepal border which is adjacent to Bihar. Gadimai is famous as the goddess of power in the Hindu religion. According to the priest of the temple,  Gadimai temple exist around one thousand years ago.

Numbers of pilgrim visit and worship Goddess Gadimai then keep some vow ( vakal- some wishes to come true). As they get their votive comes true they give panchabali such as water buffaloes, pigs, goats, chickens, and pigeons during the Gadimai festival. People said that goddess Gadimai will fulfill any of the voes of truth and make her worshiper’s happy. Thus, the Gadimai festival is celebrate grandly and more than 500 thousand pilgrims visit the temple with great faith.

Will again animals be sacrificed in Gadimai Mela on 2019??

Gadimaii mela is the occasion on which people sacrifice the largest number of animals are on the name of various vows. It is said that this is one and only occasion on which large scale of animals loss life on the world. People sacrifice animals to please the goddess Gadimai after getting their wishes.

Around five lakhs animals loss their life during sacrification in 2009 but the number decrease by 70 percent during the festival held in 2014. It was because people started offering coconuts, sweets, red-colored clothes, etc instead of animals for pleasing goddess Gadimai.

In April 2015 temple trust of Gadi maii decide to avoid the scarification of animals with the help of Animal Welfare Network Nepal. After the hard effort from The Jane Goodall Institute Nepal, AWNN-Animal Welfare Network Nepal and (AfA)-Air Force Academy, the Supreme Court of Nepal gives the decision in favor of ending live animals scarification on Gadimai festival. Even though it is still not decided from religious faith.

Thus, There is still a question on the Gadimaii festival 2019, will it be different from its history?? Will no animals lose their life? Will no blood will flow on the yard of Gadimai?. If happens then the festival will be full of happiness and a peaceful celebration. Instead of sacrificing animals, people will use plant products.

Privious Photo During Festival  Time

Photos are taken from GoogleGadimai Mela







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