How to prepare for Manaslu Circuit trek?

How To Prepare For The Manaslu Circuit trek?

Do you want the best measures to prepare for the Manaslu circuit trek? We are here with the best tips for preparing for the Manaslu circuit trek. The 17 days long trip, Manaslu circuit trekking cannot be done without being well prepared.

To prepare for the Manaslu circuit trek you should give 2-3 hours every day before 30 days before starting your trip. You can start preparing your body before 2 months of the trek as well. The most important thing to remember for trekking is making your body fit, healthy and being able to trek in your comfort zone.

Basic tips to prepare for  Manaslu Circuit trek!!

Hiking and walking

You should walk 5, 6 hours each day in your trek. Thus you should walk at least two hours every day before two months of trekking. Hiking to mountains is also advantageous to know the mountain trial its uphill’s and downhills. Mountain hiking gives you experience of walking during the trek.

Cardiovascular exercise to prepare for Manaslu circuit trek

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling and swimming are very effective for making body flexible. You should have physically fit body so that you will not feel tired on walking uphill and difficult path during trek.


Manaslu circuit trek is moderately difficult trek. You have to cover the highest elevation Larkya la pass (5106m) during the trek. Thus you have to do rest in low elevation to acclimatize your body with changing elevation. Acclimatization is important to prevent altitude sickness.

Clothing to prepare for Manaslu Circuit trek:

Clothing is essential for preventing heat loss from the body. You should pack all the required clothing for your trek. You should buy the comfortable and enough clothes and shoes you required. Good quality clothing are best during the trek.

Required clothing to prepare for the Manaslu circuit trek are listed below;

  • Warm jacket – down jacket,
  • Water and windproof jacket (alternatively bring a poncho or umbrella)
  • Long sleeved synthetic fleece (windproof material, if possible)
  • Thermal underwear.
  • Hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf.
  • Comfortable hiking trousers (Loose fitting)
  • Shorts and trousers, or a skirt.
  • 2 pairs of warm wool-blend socks.
  • 2 pairs of running socks or liner socks.
  • Proper hiking boots.
  • Running shoes and flip-flops.
  • 2-3 T-shirts.
  • Water bottle.

Hiring a local guide

Local guides have the best knowledge of place and route. You should hire a local guide before starting the trek. Trekking without a guide in the Manaslu circuit is not possible. You should contact with a local company to arrange your guide. Your trekking will be secure and provide the best experience while trekking with a guide.

Permits to prepare for Manaslu circuit trek

You should have all three permits i.e. Manaslu conservation area permit, the Annapurna conservation area permit and special area permit for trekking in Manaslu circuit. You should have all the papers you need in each check point of the trek.

Remain hydrated with enough water

Drinking water frequently is essential for protecting body from dehydration. Enough amount of water makes you active and prevent from headache and altitude sickness. Water is best solution for proper digestion of food and remain active. You should carry water bottle and drink water frequently.


Company will provide you meal even though you should carry some snacks like chocolates and biscuits with you for an emergency. In case you felt hunger before reaching the tea houses, if you don’t like meal provided in the tea house then the snacks carried withyou will fully support you.

Mental preparation

Mental preparation for long hours walk, difficult path, adjust with the common room and normal food is very important for completing the Manaslu circuit trek.

All the tips mentioned above are equally important to make your trek enjoyable and comfortable You can gather best experience of trekking by proper preparation for the Manaslu circuit trek.

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