muktinath tour package

Muktinath Tour Package

If you are looking for a Muktinath visit, then the Muktinath tour package is the best choice for safe and comfortable travel. Muktinath is the holy temple of Lord Bishnu on the lap of Thorongla Himal. The ultimate goal of the Muktinath tour is to reach Muktinath temple at an elevation of 3710m. It is believed that once people visit Muktinath, take a bath in 108 taps and 2 ponds in front of the temple, and worship lord Bishnu, they will get freedom from the cycle of birth and death. The name Mukti – Nath itself is the answer to this belief where Mukti refers to get rid and Nath refers to God.

Both religious beliefs and scenic beauty has attracted millions of people to Muktinath. You will cover part of the Annapurna circuit trek while attempting the Muktinath tour package.

The trip fact of the Muktinath tour package

The Muktinath tour is popular among Hindus and Buddhists. There is no restriction for any religious people to visit this temple. Interested people can easily visit Muktinath. The major part of the Muktinath tour package is listed in the table below:-

ActivitiesJeep Tour and Bus Tour
Max. Elevation3800 meter
Tour StyleJeep / Bus Tour
MealFull board Tour
Best MonthSeptember – November  & March-May All year
Group SizeMin 4 people: Max 20 Pax

Muktinath tour package options

Muktinath is the temple situated in Mustang – the desert of Nepal. It is one of the remote areas of Nepal with the least population. With the development of roads, national and international pilgrims visit Mustang with the special purpose to reach Muktinath temple.

We offer the following packages to reach Muktinath temple:-

Muktinath Tour Package from Pokhara – 3 days

If you want to do a tour from Pokhara to Muktinath then the fixed rate, transportation, and duration will be as shown in the table below.

Price:- 14500 INR/ 450 USD
Transportation: jeep / Bus
Duration : 3 Days
Minimum Pax 4 and maximum 20

Outline Itinerary of Muktinath tour package from Pokhara

Day 01: Pokhara to Marpha
Day 02 : Marpha To Muktinath via Jomsom and back to Tatopani
Day 03 : Tatopani To Pokhara

Detail itinerary

Day1: Pokhara to Marpha

This tour package is suitable for those travelers who are in Pokhara. By using a jeep or bus you will reach Marpha on the first day. Marpha is a beautiful village on the bank of Kaligandaki. You will get the best accommodation in Marpha.

Day 2: Marpha to Muktinath via Jomsom and back to Tatopani

On the second day of the Muktinath tour package from Pokhara, you will wake up early in the morning and leave Marpha for a drive towards Muktinath. You will pass Jomsom, Kagbeni and reach Muktinath bus park after 2, 3 hours and will walk towards Temple.

Depending on your wish you can take a bath in a 108-stone tap, ponds in front of the temple, and worship Lord Bishnu and the premises of Muktinath temple. After visiting the temple you will return back to Tatopani and take a rest. You can take a bath in Tatopani as well.

Day 3: Tatopani to Pokhara

You will return back to Pokhara from Tatopani in a jeep enjoying the waterfalls, forest, deepest George – Kaligandaki George, and continuously flowing Kaligandaki. The trip ends as you reach Pokhara.


  • Private Transportation from Pokhara to Muktinath and back to Pokhara.
  • Meal from pokhara to Pokhara
  • Annapurna conservation Permit and Tims
  • mountain lodge during the tour

Muktinath Tour Package from Kathmandu – 5 days

The Muktinath tour package from Kathmandu includes 5 days. The table below shows the price, transportation, and number of people in the package.

Price:- 17500 INR/ 650 USD
Transportation: jeep / Bus
Days 5 Days
Minimum Pax 4 and maximum 20


Day 01: Kathmandu to Beni via Pokhara

Day 02: Beni to Muktinath

Day 03: Muktinath to Late

Day 04: Late to Pokhara

Day 05 Pokhara to Kathmandu


  • Private Transportation from Kathmandu to Muktinath and back to Kathmandu
  • All meals ( breakfast Lunch dinner ) from Kathmandu to Kathmandu
  • Annapurna conservation Permit and Tims
  • All accommodation ( city 2 start and mountain normal lodge

Muktinath tour package from Raxaul 6 days

Muktinath tour package can be started from Raxaul, India as well. It is an alternative package mainly for Indians who want to visit Muktinath without coming to Kathmandu. It is a 6-day tour on which you can visit Muktinath and return back to Raxual from the Muktinath tour. The brief information about price, Transport and no of people is shown in the table below.

Price:- 25500 INR/ 750 USD
Transportation: jeep / Bus
Days 6 Days
Minimum Pax 4 and maximum 20

Outline itinerary

Day 01: Raxul to Pokhara

Day 02: Pokhara to Marpha

Day 03: Marpha to Muktinath and back to Latte

Day 04: Latte to Pokhara

Day 05: Pokhara to Raxual

Muktinath Tour Video

History of Muktinath

Muktinath temple was established during the 19th century on Mustang district, Nepal. The history of Muktinath dates back to Satya Yug and is related to Lord Bishnu, Lord Shiva, Jalandhar, Brindha, and Satidevi.  Sri Swastani Brata Katha – one of the holy books of Hinduism has explained the myth of Muktinath.

Myth from Holybook

According to the holy book Sri Swastani Brata Katha, Jalandhar a devil has planned to cheat goddess Parvati to see her divine beauty. He went to Kailash forming Mahadev’s appearance. As soon as he saw Devi Parvati coming to wash his legs as she used to do for Mahadev, her energy and brightness couldn’t be seen from Jalandhar and he fainted there. Parbati knew the truth about Jalandhar and Lord Shiva begin a war with Jalandhar. Since Jalandhar was very powerful and Pratibrata dharma of Brindha makes Jalandhar more stronger.

To destroy the Patibrata dharma of Brinda and make Jalandhar weak, Lord Bishnu went to Brinda’s home incarnated as Jalandhar, and Talk with her about Parbati and Mahadev. Brindha knew the truth about Bishnu and locked him in a room. Again after knowing about Bishnu being locked Naradmuni came as bigger and beg Bishnu as vikshya. After few days again Bishnu came to Brinda’s home incarnating as Jalandhar. This time Bishnu became clever and don’t let her to recognized his truth. He successfully destroys Brinda’s Patribrata dharma. After the loss of Brinda’s satityo, Jalandhar became weak and Mahadev killed jalandhar.

Myth of Saligram

After knowing the truth about Bishnu and the death of Jalandhar, Brindha became angry and cursed Lord Bishnu. She said Lord Bishnu to remain as Grass (Tulsi), stone (saligram), amphibian (tortoise), and many more. To remove that curse of being stone, Lord Bishnu remains as Saligram in Kaligandaki (Kagbeni) and gets rid of the curse from Brinda. It is believed that Lord Bishnu get rid of the curse from Brinda in Muktikshetra. Thus People used to visit Muktinath to worship Lord Bishnu to get rid of a chain of life and death.  Today also we can see Hindu worship saligram as lord Bishnu in their home. They called saligram as panchayan deuta. Most of the pilgrims collect saligram from Kagbeni to worship regularly it in their homes.

Guru Rinpoche

The founder of Tibetan Buddhism – Guru Rinpoche mediated at mustang and attained spirituality in this place. After this, the place has declared a holy place. He used the route of Muktinath to reach Tibet.

Travel to Muktinath

In the past pilgrims used to visit Muktinath by foot, carrying food by themselves.  It used to take around 8 days to reach Muktinath from Beni bazaar and 10 days from Nayapul. With the identification of the trekking routes, the formation of roads, hotels, and facilities, millions of national and international people visit Mustang including Muktinath temple.


The Muktinath temple has greater religious and spiritual value. All the  Hindus and Buddhists from different parts of the world keep the aim of visiting this temple. Mission Summit Trek offers the best price and comfortable travel through the Muktinath tour package. Join us if you are planning to have a Muktinath tour. We also offer the Annapurna circuit trek which includes the Muktinath temple visit along with Mustang and Annapurna trekking.

We are the Muktinath Tour operator from Nepal if you want to customize the itinerary of the Muktinath tour package then please contact [email protected]

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