New height of Mount Everest

New height of Mount Everest

Historic event: New height of Mount Everest is announced by the government of Nepal. The new record regarding the altitude of Mount Everest has published on December 8, 2020. Both countries China and Nepal have officially announced the new altitude of Mount Everest, 8848.86m after compiling the survey done from both countries.

History of Mount Everest altitude

The height of Mount Everest, 8848m was first announced in 1954 AD, after a survey done from India. The survey was started in 1946 AD, by surveyor General Colonel George Everest, and the name Mount Everest was given after his name. Before that only Sagarmatha was the name of this height peak of the world.

Many attempts have been done to measure the height of Sagarmatha, Mount Everest but officially the height declared from the Indian survey has given priority till Dec 7, 2020 AD.

The ocean plate and continental plates of the earth’s crust are in motion. The geographic structure is never permanent, it keeps on changing. Whether the height of Mount Everest is decreasing or increasing with  global warming and tectonic movement was a big question?. Both countries – Nepal and China started a survey from their own country sides to measure the height of Mount Everest.

There were controversies regarding the height of Everest in Kathmandu and Bejing. As The highest peak, Mount Everest is border between Nepal and China, It becomes necessary for mutual effort. Since 2005, after the survey from the National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, China was saying that the height of Mount Everest – Jhumalanga is 8844.44m above sea level. But it was not taken officially in the rest of the world, not even in Nepal.

Latest altitude of  Mount Everest

Nepal has started the survey of measuring the altitude of Mount Everest since 2019 AD via two teams of surveyor. Completely scientific measurement and statistical data were taken. From China also, by staying on peak for 1.5 hour on May 2020, data was collected. In this way the survey was done from Both countries India and China, data was compiled and same result has been obtained. Finally, the new altitude of Mount Everest is declared and announced officially in 2020, Dec 8 from Nepal.

From today a new record has been made. Certain change on data of the entire world has to be done with Replacement of 8848.86 m on 8848m of Mount Everest altitude. A new achievement is gain.  8848.86m is height of Mount Everest including the snow and rocky pebbles from sea level.

source : The Himalayan times

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