Tiji Festival Upper Mustang

Tiji Festival Mustang

Want to explore Tiji Festival Mustang? Visit the best place in Nepal to explore both natural and cultural beauty. The driest part of Nepal located behind the Mountain offers Tiji Festival Mustang in May.

Origin of Tiji Festival

Tiji festival is the greatest festival in Mustang Nepal. Upper Mustang is the origin point of the Tiji festival started by King Samdup Rabten in the 17th century. Tiji also known as the Tenji festival was established to celebrate the victory of Dorji Sonam over the demon called Ma Tum Ru Ta who created storms and droughts to destroy the life in Mustang. Dorji Sonam was believed to be an incarnation of Lord Buddha.

Tiji Festival history:

Tiji festival Mustang had a history of celebration since the 17th century. This festival was celebrated by inviting King Sakya Trizin Ngawang Kunga Sinam to Chhode monastery of Lo Manthang.  The King stays in the monastery and shows the very special Vajrakila rituals to diminish the negative energy from Mustang. Vajrakila rituals include the Chaam dance with the meditation of Vajrakila. Since then the Tiji festival is celebrated by performing Vajrakila rituals, Chaam dance, and meditation by monks of Choode Monastery.

How to celebrate Tiji Festival Mustang?

To celebrate Tiji Festival Mustang you should plan the following trips:-

  1. Upper Mustang trek in May or
  2. Upper Mustang tour in Jeep.

Upper Mustang trek in May

The Mustang Tiji Festival trek should be planned in May because Tiji Festival falls every year in 23rd  May, 24th May and 25th May. To reach Lo Manthang for Tiji Festival you should follow the following itinerary.

Tiji Festival trek itinerary

Date Activity Elevation (m/ft) Duration
May 15 Arrival at Kathmandu 1400m/4600ft
May 16 Drive to Pokhara by Tourist Bus 827m/2713ft
May 17 Flight to Jomsom, trek to Kagbeni 2810m/9219ft 4 hrs
May 18 Kagbeni to Chele 3050m/10007ft 5 hrs
May 19 Chele to Syanboche 3800m/12467ft 6 hrs
May 20 Syanboche to Ghami 3520m/11548ft 5 hrs
May 21 Ghami to Tsarang 3560m/11680ft 5 hrs
May 22 Tsarang to Lo-Manthan 2980m/9777ft 5 hrs
May 23 Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthan
May 24 Explore Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthan
May 25 Enjoy Tiji Festival in Lo-Manthan
May 26 Lo-Manthan to Yara 3350m/10990ft 5 hrs
May 27 Yara to Tannge 3340m/10958ft 6 hrs
May 28 Tannge to Chhuksang 2980m/9777ft 8 hrs
May 29 Chhuksang to Muktinath 3760m/12336ft 6 hrs
May 30 Muktinath to Jomsom 2720m/8924ft 5 hrs
Jun 1 Flight to Pokhara 827m/2713ft  25 min
Jun 2 Pokhara to Kathmandu 1400m/4600ft 30 min
Jun 3 Departure from Tribhuvan International Airport

The Tiji festival trek itinerary begins on May 15 and completes on June 3. You can customize the trek and make decisions either by seeing the whole Tiji festival (3 days) or partial Tiji festival (1 day or 2 days).

  • Upper Mustang Tour in Jeep

Upper Mustang tour in a jeep is the best option for Tiji Festival Mustang. You can reach Lo Manthang in three days via jeep.

Upper Mustang tour in Jeep itinerary

Day Activity Time
May 20 Drive to Beni 10 hrs
May 21 Drive to Kagbeni 7 hrs
May 22 Drive to Lo Manthang 7 hrs
May 23 Enjoy Tiji festival
May 24 Enjoy Tiji festival
May 25 Enjoy Tiji festival
May 26 Drive Back to Jomsom 7 hrs
May 27 Drive back to Pokhara 6 hrs
May 28 Drive back to Kathmandu 6 hrs

Best time to visit Upper Mustang

The best time to visit Upper Mustang is March, April, May, Jun, July, August, September, and October. You can get pleasant weather, moderate temperature, clear sky, and the best view of mountains, villages, orchards, and naked hills of Mustang in spring, summer, and autumn. No rainfall occurs in Mustang so you can enjoy trekking in Mustang in three seasons of the year except winter.

Permits for Upper Mustang trek

Restricted area Special permit is required for the Tiji Festival Mustang trek since Lo Manthang is a restricted area.

Process of gaining Permit for Upper Mustang trek

  1. Submit your details online through the Nepal Immigration website.
  2. Prepare a file containing the following documents:
    • Application form from your company.
    • Photocopies of all legal documents of the company.
    • Travel plan for the trek.
    • Staff insurance documents.
    • Photocopy of the original passport.
  3. Arrange the necessary amount of cash in USD and record the serial numbers of the bills on your company’s official letterhead.
  4. Visit the Nepal Immigration office and go to the designated room for permit issuance. It may take around 2-3 rooms for the entire process.

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