Lock down end in Nepal- All trek and travel is resume from today and national and international flight will resume from August 17, 2020.

Travel and Treks resume: no lock-down in Nepal

Travel and treks is resuming in Nepal, Finally after 120 days Government of Nepal announces the end of Lockdown on 21 July 2020. By generating certain limits and criterias, life has return to normal again. Even though covid – 19 is still active but its impact is seen less. Thus, it has been important for resuming the business activities to save life from poverty rather than covid – 19.

In Nepal the matter of happiness is – patient of covid -19 are recovering in fast rate. 40 people loss there life because of covid- 19 and 12,447 are recovered out of 17994 victims till today.

Government of Nepal has announced the end of odd – even system of transportation, double shift duties in Governmental and non-governmental organizations from 21 July 2020. It makes comfort in travelling and working for people. Slowly with following precautions of Covid – 19, we will of course begin our new life with new hopes.

 Travel and treks resumes in Nepal

Travel and treks is resuming in Nepal, Government announce to resume travel and trek from July 30, 2020. It is a good news for travelers and trekkers that  and we can move on work ahead and have adventurous journey again. It will take time for being everything normal, this 120 days inside a locked room not only makes us monotonous, it taught us lesson that nature only can retain our mind and body. Life could not be joyful without travel and trek. Visiting, outing and exploration in new place gives real sense of life.

 Nepal announces to resume all international and national flight from August 17, 2020. New hope to begin travel and treks as before has flourished in me. With respecting our government and applying proper precaution for our good health, we mission summit treks also announces that booking is started for coming season. Hurry up and grab the opportunity to visit Nepal and explore its beauty. We will have safe and healthy journey.

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