Bardia National Park Tour

3 Days

 If you are planning to have refreshments and eager to see a new place. Then the  Bardia National park Tour can supports you. This tour does not need a long holiday plan. You can start and end within 2-3 days.

Tour with friends and family gives incredible entertainment. So Mission summit trek welcomes you with a package of Tour on Bardia National park as Bardia tour.

Bardia National park lies in the Bardia district in the west of the Terai region of Nepal. It was established as a national park in 1998AD which is a large national park covering an area of 986 square kilometers. The national park has alluvial grassland and deciduous forest where animals such as Gharial crocodile, Marsh mugger crocodile, leopard, swamp deer, and grey langur monkeys are mostly available. Karnali river flows on the east of the National park and the Babai river bisects it. These rivers add beauty and attraction to the park.

The northern part of the Park has the boundary of Siwalik Hills whereas the Southern part connects with Nepalgunj-Surkhet highway. The highway provides a good facility of transportation but disturbs wildlife as a disadvantage. There is a boundary for human settlement in the west by a branch of Karnali river called Geruwa. Similarly, the Babai river lies in the southeast direction as the boundary.

Banke national park is the nearest national park in Bardia National park. If you have an interest in spending more time with nature then we can have quality time at Banke National park as well.

Why Bardia National Park Tour?

As plants and animals of different climatic zones are different and the beauty of place varies with altitude and climatic condition. We should have this tour because it lies in the subtropical climatic zone of Nepal with three seasons viz. Summer (March-June), Rainy season(July – October) and winter season (October – February) and provides a different experience. You can see 642 species of animals like gharial crocodile, Marsh mugger crocodile, leopard, swamp deer, grey langur monkeys, tiger, rhinos etcetera. Also, 839 species of plants occupy more than 7% of the park and you can see diversity on both flora and fauna with Babai and Karnali river as borderline on east and southeast respectively.

How to reach Bardia National Park?

You can reach Bardia from Kathmandu by bus which takes 14 to 18 hours. Also, you can have a flight up to Nepalgunj and then you can travel towards the National Park via public or private vehicles. Similarly, there are different famous locations including Pokhara, Narayangarh, and many more for transportation toward Bardia National Parks.

If travel via flight then you can complete the tour within 3 – days.

You will do the following activities during 3-days Bardia Tour:-

  • First day – Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and transport to Bardia National Park
  • Second Day ­- Walk on the National park and jungle Safari
  • Third day – Canoe ride and view Tharu cultural show then back to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj

Highlights of Bardia National Park Tour

  • Jungle walk
  • Jeep safari
  • Canoeing and Boating
  • Elephant and crocodile breeding center
  • Tharu cultural show


Mission Summit Treks will make your tour wonderful with an experience guide and a reasonable price i.e. around 150 USD per person per night including all costs of the package. So, join us and explore the beauty of Bardia with the most memorable good times ever you had.

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Bardia National Park Tour

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