Chitwan jungle safari

3 Days

Chitwan Jungle safari is the best activity in Chitwan National Park. It offers to visit the Charkose Jhadi, the biggest forest in Nepal, and Chitwan wildlife Museum.  The view of wild animals protected in the national park is amazing from a jeep or elephant ride. Playing deer in grassland, pairs of Chakhewa in water, creeping birds,  tigers, raring elephants, and one-horned rhinoceros are mostly seen during the Chitwan Jungle safari tour.


Chitwan Jungle safari is done in Chitwan national park, the first National Park in Nepal established in 1973 AD. The view of different types of animals, plants, and creatures with some rare living beings of the world occurs during the Chitwan jungle safari package.

This tour will occur in the best habitat for one-horned rhinoceros. The place is famous among students for research purposes as well. One-horned rhinoceros is the major attraction because of being the endangered terrestrial herbivores of the Earth.

The Chitwan Jungle safari package is bookable online from Mission Summit treks and Expedition.  Visit Chitwan National park to see wild warm-blooded animals in Chitwan national park. Some of them are the One-Horned Rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger, wild Elephant, Deer, wild hog, sloth bear, panther, buffalo and jackal, Gharial Crocodile, Hornbill, Lesser florican, and Paradise Flycatcher.

Things to Do in Jungle Safari Chitwan Nepal

  • Elephant Safari
  • Jungle walking
  • Canoe ride
  • Tharu cultural program
  • Bird watching Tour
  • Jeep Safari

Chitwan national park is a world heritage site. The reserve protects over 932 sq km of sal forest water marshes and rippling elephant grassland with the snowcapped Himalayas in the distance.

Chitwan jungle safari outline itinerary

Day 1:  Kathmandu to Chitwan drive, 7 hours O/N hotel

Day 2: Chitwan Jungle safari and other activities in Chitwan

Day 3: Return back to Kathmandu

Trip Highlights

  • Tharu Culture Dance
  • One Horn Rhinos at Chitwan national park
  • Jungle Safari
  • Elephant bath
  • Jungle Walking and Boating

Day 1:   Kathmandu to Chitwan  drive, – 7 hours, overnight at Hotel

We will have breakfast and start to drive toward Chitwan. It takes around 7 hours to reach Chitwan, sauraha. In the evening you will see Tharu cultural dance in local community.

Day 2: Activities in Chitwan, overnight at Hotel

  • Jungle safari
  • Jungle Walk and
  • Elephant bath

We will do jungle safari after having breakfast. The view of Char kose jhadi with elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, deers, blackbuck and various amphibian, herbivores and carnivores of forest makes your safari great. After Jungle safari we will jungle walk and elephant bath.

Day 3: Drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara

Depending on your time we will drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara. If you want to visit Pokhara we can head towards Pokhara from Chitwan. If you want to return Kathmandu then we will respect your wish and drive back to Kathmandu.

Price Includes:

  • Two way tourist bus Ticket from Kathmandu to Kathmandu
  • Lunch dinner and Breakfast in Chitwan
  • All Activities cost

Price doesn't Include:

  • • Breakfast and lunch during driving
  • • • Mineral water/bottles drinks/Sweets things during the trek.
  • • • Hot shower/Battery charge /WI-FI for camera during the trek
  • • • Tips for guide.
What is the cost of elephant ride in Chitwan national Park?

The cost of an elephant ride in Chitwan national park is between 1500 – 2500+ depending on the nationality of the rider. Elephant ride is highly discouraged by Chitwan tourism to support free the animals and their right.

What can we see in Chitwan National Park?

We can see one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, bears, deer, monkeys, different types of birds, forests, lakes, rivers in Chitwan national park.

What is elephant safari?

Elephant safari is riding on elephants to visit forests, national parks, or different places.

What is Chitwan national park famous for?

Chitwan national park is famous for Rhinoceros, Chitwan jungle safari, Bishazari lake, elephant breeding center, elephant bathing, Tharu dance, Tharu culture, and sunset view from Rapti beach.

Is Chitwan national park worth visiting?

Yes, Chitwan national park is worth visiting. Thousands of tourists visit Chitwan national park each year.

Is Chitwan national park a jungle?

Yes, Chitwan national park is a jungle. It includes the biggest forest in Nepal, Char Kose jhadi.

Are there tigers in Chitwan?

Yes, there are tigers in Chitwan national park. We can see tigers sleeping in forest during Chitwan jungle safari.

What animals are in Chitwan?

One-horned rhinoceros, tiger, elephant, antelopes, crocodile, bears, deers, monkeys, different types of birds, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores in Chitwan.

How long is Jungle safari?

The jungle safari is 3 – 4 hours long.

How do I prepare for a safari?

You should wear a thick jacket, sunglasses, woolen cap to protect yourself from cold during the safari.

Which time is best for Jungle Safari?

March, April, May, October, November, and December is the best time for a Jungle safari.

What should I wear in Chitwan national park?

You should wear light-colored clothes in Chitwan national park. It is strictly avoided to wear bright colored clothes such as red and yellow. The bright-colored clothes may attract animals and attack you.

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