Gosaikunda Trek

Gosaikunda trekking is the nearest trekking from Kathmandu. If you want to do a short trek rich in natural resources, Gosaikunda is the best destination in Langtang National Park. You can enjoy the local life, pine trial, mixed broadleaf forest, alpine pasture, and divine beauty of Gosaikunda Lake on 4380m/14370ft.

Gosaikunda Overview

Gosaikunda is a holy lake covering an area of 13.8 hectares in Rasuwa district, Bagmati province, Nepal. Yearly thousands of pilgrims visit Gosaikunda to worship Lord Shiva and take a bath in the lake. The origin of Gosaikunda is based in Hindu mythology. Different holy books have mentioned about Gosaikunda and Lord Shiva story held in Satyayug.

The story behind the Origin of Gosaikunda

According to the Hindu Holy book Bishnu Puran, when the poisonous gas comes out during Samundra Manthan then Lord Shiva inhaled all the poisonous gas and held in his vocal cord to save the world from Poison. After then Lord shiva came to Gosaikunda and stay in water to normalize his body. Since then the lake Gosaikunda become a holy lake and it is believed that we should reach Gosaikunda once in our lifetime to get rid of our crush. Some Pilgrims said they could see meditating Lord Shiva in the lake even today also. So, we can say that Gosaikunda has an ancient history that dates back to thousands of years.

All age groups capable of walking uphills can do the Gosaikunda trek. Kathmandu to Gosaikunda’s distance is 41.5 km. To cover this long distance (41.5km) we have two routes established as trekking routes to Gosaikunda, They are listed below:-

 Dhunche – Gosaikunda Trekking 

The Gosaikunda trekking from Dhunche is the shortest route to Gosaikunda Lake. After driving to Dhunche from Kathmandu we should cover Dhunche to Gosaikunda trek distance of 15.4 Km in two days. Trekking from Dhunche is moderate uphill until reaching Gosaikunda. We can enjoy the majestic beauty of Langtang Lirung, the Ganesh Himal range, waterfalls, rivers, and wild vegetation in a peaceful environment. The difficulties of the Gosaikunda trek route from Dhunche are ascending trials up to the lake. We will rest and walk at a comfortable pace and enjoy our trip rather than rushing to reach the final destination.

 Dhunche Gosaikunda trekking Map
Dhunche Gosaikunda trekking Map

Gosaikunda Trek from Sundarijal

The Gosaikunda trek route from Sundarijal is longer than the Dhunche route. It is a 7-day trek to Gosaikunda that starts from Kathmandu. We will start walking from Sundarijal to cover Kathmandu to Gosaikunda 32.4 km. The Sundari Jal route is a comparatively easier route with ascending and descending trials. More natural attractions, wild vegetation, Himalayan view, and local lifestyle make your trekking a lifetime memory.

If you want to explore local life, forest, pasture, and range land with diverse flora and fauna near Kathmandu then Gosaikunda trekking is the best. Along with Gosaikunda, we will also visit Surya Kunda, Bhairav Kunda, and Rakta Kunda located on a higher altitude from Gosai Kunda. All these lakes have their own history as explained in Hindu mythology.

Dhunche - Gosaikunda trek Itinerary

Gosaikunda trekking begins with 5-6 hours drive from Kathmandu to Dhunche. We will checkout from hotel after having breakfast and drive through Pasang Lamu high way or Trishuli high way. You can enjoy the forest path and villages on the hills around Kathmandu. After covering around 16km long route we will reach Dhunche and take rest in lodge.

After having breakfast we will start our hike through Dhunche to Gosaikunda trek route. Complete uphills makes uo to Chandan Bari is challenging trial but we will make it easy by taking rest, eating snacks, taking photographs on the trial. We will not rush to reach Chandan bari to prevent from dehydration. Enjoying with natural beauty of Gosaikunda region, mountains and waterfalls will reach Chandan bari after 6 hours from Dhunche.

After having breakfast in Chandan bari, we will hike uphill towards Gosaikunda. The higher elevation increases the chance of altitude sickness and difficulty in breathing, so we should drink enough water. The open pasture with colorful flowers are amazing that we cant stop taking photographs and videos. The clean and fresh environment remains mindblowing and heal us. After 4, 5 hours we will reach Gosaikunda and stay in lodge.

We will visit Gosaikunda, Trishul dhara and enjoy around an hour in the surrounding of Gosaikunda. Spending quality time around the lake we will trek back to Chandan bari.

After having breakfast we will trek back to Dhunche and stay in lodge. The walking route completes with arrival in Dhunche. You can celebrate the completion of trek depending on your desire.

We will return back to Kathmandu after having our breakfast. Kathmandu to Dhunche distance is 98.8 km which takes around 5/6 hours in bus.

Gosaikunda trek map from Dhunche

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Gosaikunda Trek

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