Upper Dolpo Trek

27 Days

Upper Dolpo trek is moderate to difficult off beaten trek in far western Nepal. You can
explore Himalayan life style, Tibetan Buddhist culture, mane and Chorten, diverse biota in
dry land of Nepal. The mesmerizing beauty of She Phoksundo Lake, dry mountains, medows
and grassland in Upper Dolpo camping trek is unique.

  • Flight/local bus/rented Jeep
  • 27 Days
  • Camping/Tea houses/hostels
  • 2
  • 5151m
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • May, June, July, August & September


Upper Dolpo trek is 26 days trekking in far western region of country. The trekking route of Dolpo was established in late eighties. It is camping trek all in all includes stunning beauty of Nepal. Yearly thousands of tourist visit Dolpo circuit for enjoying dry land of Nepal.
Upper Dolpo trekking route begins with domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj followed by Nepalgunj to Juphal flight. Officially the Upper Dolpo trekking trial welcomesyou from Juphal.

We will walk on the bank of Thuli Bheri River and reach Dunai. Day by day we will reach highest elevation until Nangda La pass (5350m/17552, 493 ft). Uphills anddownhills, dry grass land, mountains and rocky trial makes each day adventurous. We will explore the spectacular beauty of Sheyphoksundo Lake, stupas, monasteries, gompas, mane and Chorten of Upper Dolpo. Trekking along Dunai, Kalagauda, Chhepka, Chunuwar, Phoksundo lake, Sallaghari, Nangdala high camp, Shey Gompa, Saldang, Shimen, and Tinje village gives chance to know the lifestyle of Upper Dolpo region. The Buddhist Tibetan culture, remote village life is uniqueness of Upper Dolpo.
The 26 days long Upper Dolpo trek offers camping trek through Shey Phoksundo National park, amazing villages, Nangda La pass, Shey La pass and Yak Kharka. The great view of Upper Dolpo within 26 days trekking completes the exploration of far western Nepal.
The completely different view of Dolpo district has make Upper Dolpo trekking famous among natural lover. If you want to explore dry lands, remote life, water bodies and far from busy life then let’s have plan of Upper Dolpo trek. We provide you best service in best price.

Brief  Itinerary

Day 1Welcome to Kathmandu!
Day 2Explore Kathmandu
Day 3Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj492 m1 hr
Day 4Fly to Juphal; trek to Dunai2,140 m3 hrs
Day 5Ankhe2,660 m6 hrs
Day 6Sulighat3,500 m6 hrs
Day 7Phoksundo Lake3,600 m5 hrs
Day 8Phoksundo Lake3,600 mRest day
Day 9Phoksundo Khola3,507 m5 hrs
Day 10Phoksundo Bhanjyang4,402 m7 hrs
Day 11Shey Gompa (4,126 m) (via Kang-La pass)5,151 m6 hrs
Day 12Shey Gompa exploration5,151 mRest day
Day 13Namduna Gaun (4,400 m) (via Saldang La)4,785 m7 hrs
Day 14Saldang3,903 m5 hrs
Day 15Yangze Gompa3,855 m5 hrs
Day 16Sibu3,942 m6 hrs
Day 17Jeng-la Phedi4,369 m6 hrs
Day 18Tokyu Gaon (via Jeng pass)4,369 m5 hrs
Day 19Dho Tarap4,090 m5 hrs
Day 20Dho Tarap exploration4,090 mRest day
Day 21Tarap Khola (Kamakharka)3,800 m6 hrs
Day 22Khanigaon2,550 m5 hrs
Day 23Tarakot2,281 m5 hrs
Day 24Dunai2,140 m6 hrs
Day 25Juphal2,502 m3 hrs
Day 26Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj2 hours
Day 27Depart Kathmandu


Our company member will come to welcome you in airport and drop you to hotel. You will meet your guide in the evening and get briefing of Upper dolpo trekking. You can do your shopping on Thamel.

We will take a flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu airport. It takes around one hour to reach Nepalgunj. Since we have to wait for Nepalgunj to Juphal flight we will stay in Nepalgunj.

We will take early morning flight to Juphal from Nepalgunj. It takes only 36 minute to reach Juphal. After landing in Juphal we will arrange our bags and start trekking toward Dunai danda. We will pass Kalagauda and Thuli Bheri river following downhills and uphills in our comfortable pace for 3.5 hours to reach Dunai danda.

After having breakfast we will start our trek on the classic Dolpo trekking route. Following the easy trial we will reach Silughar checkpost and show the Dolpo and Sheyphoksundo National park trekking permit. Continuing on the bank of Phoksundo River we will pass Kageni, Jutung and Shangta. The amazing landscape of Dolpo, the Lush forest, Phoksundo Lake and Maiba Khola welcome us to Chhepka.

After having breakfast in Chhepka we will walk on the bank of Shey Phoksundo. We will be walking on Lower Dolpo circuit trekking route whole day. Passing Rechi, Sulligad dovan, and crossing suspension bridge over Phoksundo and Yulung khola we will reach Amchi hospital. We will keep our camps on the lawn of hospital for night stay. Amchi hospital is famous for Ayurvedic medication using local herbs and shrubs as raw material.

We will trek to the most awaited Phoksundo lake trekking trial from Chunuwar. Ascending to the cedar forest we will reach Palam. We will see the local settlement in Palam where the villagers from Ringmo stay during winter. Following the ascending and descending path in different altitude we will view amazing Phoksundo Lake and waterfall. Continuing the Dolpo trekking route we will pass Phoksundo khola, Ringmo village and reach Shore of Phoksundo Lake for camping and spend the night.

To acclimatize our body in high altitude we will rest in Shey Phoksundo lake shore. During rest day also we will do a short trek to explore Phoksundo lake and Ringmo village. Visiting Tshowa monastery, Bon-po religious sites and exploring wonderful view of Phoksundo lake we will return to our camp.

Leaving the shore of Phoksundo lake we will ascend the cliffs and enjoy the wonderful view of Phoksundo lake from cliff. The best trial of Upper Dolpo trek continues to the forest path, Phoksunda Khola camp and reaches Sallaghari.

Ascending to the narrow route of Tuk Kyaksa river we will reach wide valley enjoying the riverside and dry land of Upper Dolpo. WE will walk around six hours to reach the Nangdala base camp. Afer taking rest for some time we will set our camp for night stay in massive rock.

After having breakfast in Nangda La High camp we will start our trek towards Shey Gompa. Passing Nangda La pass also called as Kang La pass we will enter the amazing Dolpo valley. The magnificent view of Crystal Mountain, Tibetan Territory Mountain, Shey Shikhar peak and Kang Chunne peak from the Top of Kang LA pass is great view of Dolpo region.
We will reach Shey Gompa after crossing the entrance decorated with red chorten. Shey Gompa is religious monastery also named as Shelri Sumdho Gompa by the local people. A grand festival is held here in every 12 years of time interval. We will set our camp in this gompa.

Today’s destination is 800 years old monastery named Namgung Gompa. It is a historical place describing the story behind Crystal Mountain. Every year a summer festival is held in Namgung gompa.
We will explore Shey Gompa and its surroundings and start our trekking following the Sephu khola trial. The amazing landscape of Dolpo region welcome us in Shey LA pass. The mesmerizing view of Kangirowa, Kagmara, Crystal Mountain, Mustang, Tibet and Dolpo valley from Shey la pass will energize us. We will descend to Namgong Gompa and set our camp.

After having breakfast, we will spend around one hour to explore the amazing Namgong Gompa standing in cliff. The trekking begins through the trial along Namga Khola. Passing grasslands, uphills and downhills we will reach Saldang village surrounded by dry lands and hills. We will take rest and have special salt butter tea of Saldang village.

We will rest in Saldang village to acclimatize our body in high altitude. After having our breakfast we will do short hike to Yangjer Gumba and explore around the Gumba. After spending around an hour in monastery we will return back to Saldang village.

Following the Saldang Lek trial along the rapyha khola we will head to Komash village. The uphills and downhills on dry land of Dolpo region we will makes the amazing. The beautiful Tibetan village Komash welcome us after around six hour of walk from Saldang village.

After having breakfast in Komash village we will trek to Shimen. The mountain trial welcome us with its grass lands, shrubland, villages and desertified landscape. We may also view snow leopard and blue sheep which are listed in rare animals. After walking around 5 hours on the upper Dolpo trekking route we will reach Shimen and set up our camp for night stay.

After having breakfast we will walk along the Panjyang khola and pass villages and monasteries before reaching Tinje. It takes around five hours to reach Tinje village from Shimen.

After having breakfast in Tinje village we will start our trek towards Panjyan river through Chhamdang village. The trial from river bank continues to Yak Kharka passing Chholtam khola, Panjyan khola and Thalum khola.

Starting the trek from Yak Kharka we will cross a bridge over Sulun Khola and reach Choila North pass. Walking over the difficult uphill trial of Upper Dolpo trek route we will reach Choila pass in three hours. Taking rest for half an hour and enjoying the view of Tokyu camp we will descent downhill. After two hour of walk on the landscape of Upper Dolpo we will reach Tokyu for night stay.

To acclimatize our body we will do rest in Tokyu. After having breakfast we will do short hike to Dho Tarap village. Hiking around an hour and half we will reach Dho Tarap and explore its surrounding. The colorful prayers flag, chorten, mane and monasteries makes the village amazing. We can also view the agricultural land, small markets, lodges in dho Tarap. We will return back to Tokyu after visting the village.

After having breakfast we will start our trekking towards Tarap Khola in a flat trail. Passing the confluence of Mirubabane and Tarap khola confluence we will cross Klang khola through the bridge.
Walking on the bank of Tarap khola we will enjoy the beautiful view of Upper Dolpo landscape. The beautiful scenery of Sisaul, Gyamghar and Tolto villages we will reach Naworpani.

After having our breakfast we will start our trek on the bank of Tarap Khola. The green forest welcomes us with changing landscape as we move forward to Lamchaur. We will pass Lahini Odar, Chhedhul Gompa and reach Laisicap and set the camp for night stay.

The trekking trial continues to grass land on the bank of Thuli Bheri River. We will reach Tarakot and cross small bridge, Lawan and Byasgad to reach Dunai. The green forest, terrace farming, grass lands and meadows on the trekking trial gives amazing view.

After having breakfast in Dunai we will follow the trial on the bank of Bheri river and reach Kalagawda. After walking 3 hours from Dunai we will reach Juphal and take rest on tea house.

We will take flight from Juphal to Nepalgunj which takes only 36minutes. After landing in Nepalgunj we will wait for Kathmandu flight and have our Lunch. Depending on flight time we will return
Kathmandu and check into hotel.

You can spend your time in Thamel and do shopping depending on your flight. We will drop you to airport depending on your flight time. Our company member will with you for see off in airport.

Useful Information

Upper Dolpo trek is long trek in far western Nepal. You will do 21 days trekking starting
from Juphal and ending the walk in Juphal. We will take double flight – one from Kathmandu
to Nepalgunj and next flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal while going for Upper Dolpo trekking.
If the group size is small (2-4) we can stay in tea houses throughout the trek. If the group is
more than 7 then we should do camping from Chunuwar until reaching Naworpani village.

The tea houses are newly developed. We can stay in tea houses depending on our group size
and tea houses available.
You can customize the Upper Dolpo trek by adding a day in Kathmandu for taking rest after
returning from trek. You can do Kathmandu day tour as well depending on time and budget.
Accommodation in Upper Dolpo trekking route
Upper Dolpo is remote area of Nepal. You will get tea houses in limited places in limited
number. Thus accommodation in Upper Dolpo may be tea house or camp depending on your
group size. We can get tea house for small group only due to limited tea houses.


We will provide three meal breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you do camping trek you will get
best food cooked by our cook. If we stay in tea house as well, we will get three meal. In
Breakfast you will get Tibetan bread, curry, potato, normal bread, egg items, tea or coffee. In
Lunch and dinner various food items such as Nepali Thali (rice, dal, curry, pickle, pappad),
chowmein, macroni, spaghetti, soup, fried potato, momo, are available both in tea house and

Drinking water

We will provide pure drinking water either by using portable filter or using water purifier. In
camping trek it will be impossible for carrying mineral water. In case we stay in tea house
you will get mineral water.
You should carry power bank for charging your gadgets. We will carry solar panel for
charging the gadgets in camping trek. In case of staying in tea house you can charge your
gadgets in the tea house.

Network and Internet

You will have Network throughout the trek. In case of internet you have to take mobile
datapack. You will get internet in most of the place.

Best time for Upper Dolpo trek

Best time for Upper Dolpo trek is April, May, October, and November. we can do Upper
Dolpo trekking in both Spring and Autrumn season. You can have pleasant weather and
favorable temperature in spring and autumn.
Low temperature in winter and unpleasant weather, heavy rainfall in mid-summer we cant do
the trekking.

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