Why Everest is not good in august? local Guide word

Why Everest trekking is not good in August?

Why Everest trekking is not good in August?

An experience from a local guide

As I am a local guide, this is my real experience. I went to airport for flight towards Lukla regularly for three days and flight was cancelled due to bad weather every day.

The weather of Namche doesn’t remain clear and there is less possibilities of rain as we pass through Namche. Even though atmosphere remains foggy and cloudy most of the time.

Following points are the main reason which explains why Everest base camp trek is not good in June/ July/ August. 


  1. The Flight will be cancelled most of the time due to bad weather. 
  2. View of mountains cannot be seen much clearly due to cloudy weather.
  3. Most of the Hotel remains closed because of off season. Even opened hotel will only provide normal Food like Dhal Bhat and less facilities.
  4. Parasite such as leech may gives problem by sucking blood below Namche.
  5. less visibility due to foggy and cloudy weather.


If you are able to afford then taking Heli is my best suggestion ever, I can give. Heli can fly even in less visibility. So, flying in Heli to Lukla and starting trek can be the best choice.

Local agency or local guide are much supportive and helpful on giving advice and guiding you. The reason behind it is that they are always connected with local people and give good information about lodge, weather trial etc

Why Everest trekking is not good in August?

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