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Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost, Nepal

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is adventurous trek leading to the base camp of Annapurna massif, the glory of Nepal. It is famous among both internal and external tourist. Before planning for a trek, cost always knock our head. Questions like How much is the Annapurna Base Camp trek cost? Minimum and maximum ABC trek cost  keep value on setting budget planning.

Trek cost generally depend on queries like:-

Which season you are choosing? Peak season or off season. Peak season (Spring and Autumn) is expensive than off season(late summer and early winter). How many destinations you want to visit along with ABC? There are different destinations along with ABC trek. ABC, PoonHill, Ghandruk, Mardi Himal, Annapurna circuit, Khopra Danda are more common. More destination includes more cost and time  whereas less destination comprises less cost with less time.

What kind of Trek you want to do? Solo trek, trek with guide, group trek or trek with guide and porter. .Trekking with guide and porter is expensive then solo trek, but you will not have risk of unknown path, places, planning and mission. If you trek along then it will be cheaper trek and will have high risk as drawback. Group trek will have offers, it will be cheaper but you may not feel comfort to travel with unknown group. Your own friends in a trek as a group with local guides and porters is excellent choice.


How much does it cost for Annapurna trek Packages?

Annapurna trek cost varies with the days and sites you include in your trek. There are different treks you can do in Annapurna region. They are:-

  1. Annapurna base camp(ABC) trek

Annapurna Base Camp  trek package 2022  is USD 600$ – 799$ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost. and this cost is With poonhill. if you want  Annapurna base camp trek 7 days  then cost is 500-550 USD.

  1. Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna circuit trek package is 999$ – 1250$ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost.

  1. Ghorepani poonhill trek

Ghorepani poonhill trek package is 500$-650$ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost.

  1. Mardi Himal trek

Mardi Himal trek package is 650$ – 769$ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost.

  1. Annapurna base camp and Mardi Himal combine trek

Annapurna base camp and Mardi Himal combine trek package is 999$ – 1140$ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost.

  1. Khopra danda poonhill trek

Khopra danda trek package  is 950$ – 1150 $ per person. The cost includes transportation cost, guides and porter cost, accommodation and permit cost.

Since all the treks above are in Annapurna region. The transportation cost, accommodation cost per day, Guides and porter cost per day and permit cost of trek is nearly same for all trek. Some treks are shorter and some are longer, so the trek cost varies from each trek.  In this article we are talking only about-

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost

Annapurna base camp trek cost for guides and porter

Guides are leader of your trek. Their briefing, planning and your support is backbone of successful trek. Potter are you helpers to carry your bags so that you can walk easily during trek.

The cost of guide is 22– 25 $ per day

The cost of potter is 15 – 22 $ per day for carrying 15kg mass

The local guides are better than International guides, experienced local guides are well known to the place and tea houses. They will manage all required permits and formalities for your trek. You need not to be worry in any situation in case you are having trekking with local guide and porter. You will have save and wonderful journey.

Annapurna base camp trek Cost for tea house and food

Annapurna base camp trek route is facilitate with tea houses which provides best place for rest and food as well. Since Annapurna base camp is in high altitude, you will face remoteness. Tea houses in high altitude are expensive because of difficulties on hiring goods from sloppy landscape. Sometime they should use helicopter for transporting goods. Sometimes they use horse, donkey or yak which increases expenses for food and lodge. Accommodation cost varies depending on standard of tea houses.

Annapurna base camp trek cost for tea house is 5$ per night.

You will get local and simple Nepali food in all tea houses. Some where you can order food of your choice as well, according to availability. The cost of food is 3-5$ per meal.

Annapurna base camp trek cost for transportation

After arriving Kathmandu, Nepal and being ready for trek, you should travel to Pokhara first for Annapurna base camp trek. It costs 550 NRs via local bus, 8 -10$ via tourist bus, Nrs 16000 via taxi to reach pokhara. You can have flight from Kathmandu to pokhara as well which costs 80 – 100 $.

From pokhara you should travel to Nayapul. You can use Local bus but it would be too much crowdy and only few vehicles are available. Time limitation will be there. Thus, it would be easy to go Nayapul via private car than local bus. It costs Nrs. 2500 to reach Nayapul from pokhara in Taxi. After reaching Nayapul you should walk to reach Annapurna base camp. The transportation cost is same while returning as well.

Permit cost for Annapurna base camp trek

Annapurna base camp is in Annapurna conservation area, it is mandatory to have permit for entering in conservation area. The ACAP – ( Annapurna conservation area permit) is Nrs 2000 for foreigners and Nrs 200 for SAARC nations. You also need two passport size photographs for applying permit fee of ACAP.

Another permit for Annapurna base camp trek is TIMS (Trekking Intelligent Management System) permit. For solo trekker it costs 20$ for green TIMS card. In case of group trek it cost 10$ per person for blue TIMS card.

Both  Permit are valid for single entry only. Permits are non-transferable, non-refundable and you should carry it with you. You have to show permits  to concerned people at the check point.

 Cost for other Expenses

There are other expenses as well which you should pay for your own comfort. So, you should carry more amount of money than the budged mention in the package of trek.

Cost for charging your gadget

Annapurna is remote area where solar electricity is more in use than hydroelectricity. In off season you may get free charging facility but in peak season, you should give 3-5 $ per hour for charging your gadgets.

Cost for sleeping bag

In high altitude, temperature remains low during night. You may not get expected warm quilt in tea house. So sleeping bag is very essential. You can buy your own or can hire sleeping bags from Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Hiring sleeping bags until your trek cost is 5-10$ per piece.

Cost for Hot water

Everyday shower with hot water is not possible in ABC trek. You can ask for bucket of hot water for taking bath. It cost 1—3 $ per bucket of hot water. Even you can use wet tissues for cleaning your body in case you don’t get hot water.

In some tea houses you may have to pay for hot drinking water as well. It cost 1-3 $ per bottle. But hot drinking water is available in most of the tea houses with your meal.

Cost for giving tips to Guides and Porters

The payment of guides and porters is included in total budget but by seeing their help and support, you may like to give tips to Guides and Porters.

It is not compulsory to give tips but their support and guidance is invaluable. You can show your humility and kindness by giving small amount of money which will be support for them as well. You can give tips at end of trek or while returning back.

There is not fixed amount for tips. You can give money of your choice. Generally trekkers used to give 25– 200 $ for porter and 50 – 500$ for guides.

Conclusion – Words  from Mission summit

Annapurna Base Camp(ABC) trek cost is high for longer days trek and cheaper for short days trek. Longer days trek includes more destination and rest days as well. There are different treks you can do in Annapurna region. Your budget planning declare which trek you would like to do.

Chose the trek of your dream, see the package and come with some extra money with you. You can have best trek with great experience in Life. Making your trekking desire successful is our aim. Contact us for further information.

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