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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Tent Camping24 May 2023

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost is a part of necessity and curiosity for all trekkers. Thus, we are here with details on the Everest base camp trek cost.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the most selective treks among trekkers in the world. Trekking keeps direct relation with the place, preparation, and cost.

Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek of course is at the highest altitude but surprisingly EBC trek cost is cheaper than your expectation. Trekking cost depends on various factors. Somewhere your own demand and trekking plan can increase the expenses of your trek. Some major factors to determine trekking costs are:-

  1. Days - If you want to spend more days in the trekking region, the trek cost will be high and reverse if the trekking days are fewer.
  2. Season – The seasonal trek is more expensive than off seasonal trek. Even though the cost is more in peak season, you will have the best trekking in seasonal trek than off-seasonal trek. Because the off-seasonal trek has a high risk of an incomplete trek and you may not entertain as well.
  3. Route – Lukla route is expensive because of the flight whereas the classic Jiri route is cheaper where you will travel via bus.
  4. Trekking type – Trekking alone, with a guide, with a guide and porter, and group trekking all have separate rates. In general group trek is cheaper because of the package. Trekking alone will be cheaper with high risk. Trekking with a guide will be safer and a bit expensive. Trekking with a guide and porter is more expensive and comfortable as well.

What is the Cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek?

The Everest base camp trek 2023 cost depends on the package of companies you travel with Mission summit treks give Everest base camp trek packages for 1150$ to 1350$ for foreigners and 65000 INR for Indians and the cheapest Everest base camp trek package is 1150 USD in group trek 

Guide and Porter Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek

Guides are legends with a license who show you the Everest base camp trekking route, make your day-to-day planning, and give a description of the place you visit. Also, the arrangement of meals, resting places, and communication is done by a guide. Porters are your helper to uphold your bags. You should pay a service charge for guides and porters which would be included in the total cost of your trek.

Everest Trek Guide’s average cost is – 22-30$ per day

Everest Trek  Porter’s average cost is - 20-25$ per day

Depending on the season and off-season, local guides and international guides the charge may be different respectively. During peak season price will be high whereas in the offseason price will be low. Similarly, local guides and porter charges will be less than international guides. Thus you should carry an extra amount as well.

You will meet enough of guides and porters to assist you while on the treks. Most of them speak

[caption id="attachment_4127" align="aligncenter" width="2016"]Everest Base camp trek Guide cost Everest Base Camp Hiker[/caption]

Permit cost for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest base camp trek cost includes two different permits viz.

  • Pasang Lambu muncipality Permit cost: Nrs.2000
  • Sagarmatha National Park Permit cost: Nrs.3000 for foreigners and Nrs 1500 for Indian (SAARC) nation

Trek Card: A New online Khumbu Pasang Lhambu Muncitipilty Entry Permit should be filled for trekking in the Everest region. A Trek card is required for Everest base Camp Trek and other treks in the Khumbu region like the Gokyo Lake trek, Everest Three Pass Trek, etc. If you plan to visit the Everest region in the near future then you can register your name before arriving in Lukla and avoid the physical queue.

Kathmandu to Lukla flight Cost for Everest Base Camp Trek

EBC trek begins from Lukla. Thus you should have a 30-minute flight from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to Lukla in the low season. The flight takes place from 6-11 am every morning. Bad weather may cause delays in flight sometime. In pick, season You can fly from Ramechhap which takes a 5-hour drive from Kathmandu and It takes 20 Minute flight from Ramechap to Lukla

 EBC trek cost for flights from Kathmandu to Lukla: - 194$ (the price is fare and one way, you should have a separate ticket while returning as well)

Travel Insurance for the Everest Base Camp Trek

EBC trek is adventurous as well as risky trek. Extreme weather, low atmospheric pressure, low oxygen level, and high wind density with increasing altitude may create many difficulties while walking. To those who do not have trekking experience, more problems may arise due to the climatic condition of the Everest base camp trekking route. Thus travel insurance is very important to be safe in the mean time when uncertain difficulties arise during the trek. Everest base camp trek travel insurance cost varies depending on the company’s policy, your health status, and the activities you involve in.

Everest Base Camp trek cost for travel insurance: - $150 on average. The cost covers all the emergencies and requirements up to the height of 6000m.

Everest Base Camp Trekking Equipment

Trekking equipment is an essential part of trekking without which you cannot prepare for a trek. Proper planning and appropriate trekking gears are major necessities of a successful trek. You should be more conscious until you pack all the requirements for the trek.

Everest base camp trekking equipment costs around 2000$ if you buy all the requirements firsthand. Basic requirements include waterproof hiking boots, thermal clothes, camp shoes, backpacks, water bottles, trekking poles, gloves, sleeping bags, and sunglasses. If you already have some requirements in good condition then you can use them as well. You can hire requirements if possible to reduce your cost of equipment.

Managing trekking requirements is up to you and how much you spend on it. But the requirements should be of good condition and long-lasting. Medicines of expired date are useless. Thus you should be very careful on packing your trekking bag.

 Food and Accommodations

Everest region is a well-developed trekking site in Nepal. Adequate hotels, lodges, restaurants, and tea houses are available for easy stay of travelers. You will get Nepali food in most of the lodges and tea houses. But standard hotels will provide you with other food varieties as well. You should be careful in choosing the food you eat and must carry water purifiers because the changing environment and the highest altitude may cause problems in the digestion of food.Jhol Mo mo

Everest base camp trek cost for food: - 8$ -10$ per meal on average. Food cost depends on your choice.

[caption id="attachment_3069" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Dal Bhat power 24 hours Dal Bhat[/caption]

An accommodation is 5$ - 15$ per day on average. 25$ -45$ for a medium lodge and more than 150$ for a luxurious hotel like Yeti Hotel and Everest view hotel.

Everest view hotel standing at 3880m elevation from sea level is the hotel of the highest altitude in the world. You will get an acclimatization facility in this hotel. It is at Sangbuche nearby Khumjung village and costs around 200$-300$ per day.

The cost of food and accommodation differs from place to place and the season of trekking. Lodges in higher elevations are more expensive than in lower elevations. You can spend extra money on beverages up to Namche. It is better not to use any hard drinks in the Everest region trekking to avoid sickness. 

You may have to share rooms in peak season due to a lack of room for individual travelers. But, during the off-season, lodges will have enough empty rooms and you can hire extra warmer blankets for nights too.

 Cost for independent trekkers for the Everest Trek

Independent trekking is the cheapest method of trekking. No expenses for guides and porters will save cost but your trekking will be harder with more risk. You should pay only for trekking requirements, flights, permits, accommodation, food, and drinks. And if you choose classic trek from Jiri then no payment is necessary for the flight as well.

EBC trek cost for an Independent trek is 30- 35$ per day. You can walk free, and reduce travel costs in this trek. But traveling with a guide and in a group is safer than an independent trek.

 Cost for an extra charge

During the Everest base camp trek, you should pay some extra charges for different purposes such as:

Cost of charging an electronic device

The price for charging electronic devices varies from place to place. It costs Nrs 300 per device in Pakhding, Namche, and Thangbuche. You should pay Nrs 300 per hour in Dingboche, Labuche, and Gorkshep.

During the off-season, you may get a free charging facility as well depending on the flow of tourists. If the number of tourists becomes high then you should give extra charge for charging even in the off-season.

Cost for gratitude towards Guides and Porters

After the completion of the trek or near the end of the trek, trekkers/tourist show their gratitude towards guides and porters by giving tips. There is no fixed rate for tips and it is not compulsory as well. It’s all up to you, how much you desire to give to them.

Cost for Donation

The Everest base camp trek route comprises many monasteries and shrines where you will see donation boxes. It is up to you whether you like to donate or not. You can drop some money in the donation box as your wish. There are several schools as well where travelers donate some amount for the sake of the development of schools and places.

 Heli Cost For Everest Sightseeing

In case you don’t want to return back to Lukla from base camp on foot or you fall sick and become unable to reach base camp or return back then you can choose Helicopter as an option. It cost 3800$ (Ghorkshep to Kathmandu).

Some Important Tips For Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Finding an ATM in High Mountain is not sure. So you should carry cash both dollars and Nepali rupees to avoid cash problems.
  • Packed Food of your choice like chocolates, biscuits, potato chips, etc. is expensive in higher altitudes. So, it’s better to carry those things from Kathmandu because the price is low in Kathmandu.
  • You may suffer from altitude sickness. So you should carry medicines. For easiness, we recommend you walk slowly in higher altitudes.

Everest Base Camp Trek: Cost Breakdown

Here's a table breaking down the cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek for Forginers, Indians, and Nepalis:

Permit Fees$38-40NPR 3500 No Needed
Guide (optional)$20/day$20/dayNPR 2,000/day
Porter (optional)$17/day$17/dayNPR 1,700/day
Accommodation$5-10/night$5-10/nightNPR 500-1,000/night
Meals$20-30/day$20-30/dayNPR 2000-2,500/day
Flights$370-400NPR 25,000 - 26,000NPR 25,000 - 35,000
Travel Insurance$50-100$50-100NPR 5,000-10,000
Miscellaneous Expenses$50-100$50-100NPR 5,000-10,000
Total Estimated Cost$1,000-1,500$700-900NPR 60,000-90,000



Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventurous and affordable trek. The cost mentioned above is for the present situation in 2023, there may be some change in cost with the changing time and your demand. Trek with us we have the Cheapest EBC Trek package with good service for comfortless.


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