Everest base camp trek in November

Everest Base Camp Trek In November

Want to do the EBC trek but difficult to choose the best time for the Everest base camp trek? We are here with details of the Everest Base Camp Trek in November, the best month for trekking in the Everest region. Everest region is a famous trekking spot in Nepal. Both beginner and experienced trekkers choose Everest region trekking like the Everest base camp trek, three passes trek, Gokyo Cholo pass trek, Island peak climbing, and Everest Panorama trek for exploring Mt Everest and its surrounding ranges.

Trekking in November contains the best Everest base camp trek schedule. You can enjoy trekking with pleasant weather, clear sky, and moderate temperature during November.

Everest base camp trek November weather

Everest base camp trek November weather is pleasant. The temperature ranges between 7⁰C  to 18⁰C during the day and -7⁰C to -12⁰C during the night. The humidity remains low and has less chance of rainfall. You can enjoy your Everest trekking in November as it is more joyful than October and less cold than December.

How cold is Everest base camp in November?

November is late autumn on which you can expect minor cold temperatures in the Everest base camp. The temperature in base camp highly depends on the condition of the weather as well. In good weather conditions, the Day temperature in November ranges from 7⁰C to 18⁰C and the night temperature ranges from 1.8⁰C to -14⁰C.

In bad weather conditions such as snowfall, cloudy and foggy weather, the temperature in Everest base camp falls to -13⁰C or below in Everest base camp.

Early November is better than late November for trekking in the Everest region. Late November is closer to winter. You will face severe cold nights in late November.

Why Everest base camp trek in November?

November is the best time for the Everest base camp trek because of the following reasons:

  • Post-monsoon and pre-winter phase:  EBC Trek in November occurs in the post-monsoon and pre-winter periods in Nepal. You will have zero chances of precipitation with low humidity. The temperature in the day shift of November remains hot ranging from 18⁰C to 25⁰C whereas night temperature falls up to -7⁰C to -13⁰C at minimum.
  • Majestic view: Everest base camp trek in November offers absolutely great view of Mount Everest, Mt. Pumori, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Lhotse Shar, Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Tabuche, Cholache, Khumde, Khumbuste, Lingtren, Lho La, Changtse and many more ranges in Everest region. Not only mountain you can have wonderful views of the Everest landscape, pastures, Sherpa villages, flora, and fauna of the Everest region during November. Clear weather is the best part to have trekking in November.
  • Less crowd: Compared to the month of October, You can see less crowd in the Everest base camp trekking route in mid-November. Less crowd makes it easier to find comfortable tea houses.

 EBC Trek in November vs. October 

November and October both are the best times for the Everest base camp trek but there are some differences in weather conditions and other factors during November and October.

  • Everest base camp weather in November and October:

Everest base camp weather fluctuates day by day depending on the conditions of clouds and sunlight. October remains warmer than November but has high chances of rainfall whereas November remains moderate. Temperature decreases with increasing height during the night. During day time temperature increases with height due to short wavelength.

Everest base camp temperature in October and November is shown in the table below:

Everest base camp temperatureMax temp.Min temp.average temp
Everest base camp  temperature in October (Day)161214
Everest base camp  temperature in October (night)2-5-1.5
Everest base camp temperature in November (day)13710
Everest base camp temperature in November (night)1.8-14-6.1
  • Trekkers in Everest base camp trekking route

Trekkers in the Everest base camp trekking route during October is higher than crowds in November. October is peak season, tea houses remain full and you should do pre-booking to get rooms during the trek. If you don’t book rooms in October then it will be difficult to get a room for a night stay.

Trekkers in EBC trekking route in November are less and it will be easy to get a room in November.

  • Everest base camp trek difficulty in November and October:

The Everest base camp trek difficulty in November is less than in October. Rainfall may occur in October which increases EBC trek difficulties. Comparatively, no rainfall occurs in November and you don’t need to walk in rain cover. No steep path, no rain cover, and open weather make trekking easy in November.

How many days to walk to Everest base camp?

The Everest base camp trekking trail begins from Lukla. You should walk six days to reach Everest base camp from Lukla but there will be two more days for acclimatization. It takes 4 days to return back from the Everest base camp to Lukla.

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