Five Famous Nepali food Name

Five Famous Nepali food Name

Food is one of the most important basic need of our life. Quality food and its taste always remind us about the place and provider.

As Nepal is a wonderful country with diversity in natural as well as in cultural aspect. With the variation in ethnic groups and tradition, there are numerous list of food items available in each corner of the country.

So, here we come with Top five most popular food found in Nepal which you would like to taste during your visit in Nepal.

Five famous Nepali foods are:– 

1.Dal Bhat

nepali food Name Dal bhat

 The most common and popular food among Nepali people is Dal Bhat.   Different types of tarkari and achar (curry and pickle) with the food Dal bhat gives the best recipe. These foods includes vegetarian as well as non-veg items on the basis of Tarkari (curry) select to intake with it. Dal Bhat is  national food of Nepal and then most of the people take Dal bhat as regular food items at home.

For, health conscious people, it is the most hygienic food due to availability of important nutrients for human body. If we want to take balanced diet then non other than Dal Bhat Tarkari can be the best choice.

2. Momo

Jhol Mo mo

Momo is the also the popular food item found in Nepal. It is very common among children to old aged  people due to hygienic and easily availability on simple to well facilitate food stalls, café, hotel and restro.

Different types of momo depending on way of cooking are: –

Steam momo

It is the simplest and cheapest momo among other momo recipe. Steam momo is prepare by steaming the bite-sized dumpling called kema wrapping inside the dough of wheat floor.

Kothe momo

  Kothe momo is  fried moon shaped steam momo with juicy chicken fillings in it.

 C-momo (chillimomo)

 Special momo recipe with hot spice taste is common as C-momo. It is available in both stem and fried condition. You can get C- momo with different types of dumpling (chicken, veg items, buff etc) encloses inside the dough also.

 Fry momo

The fry momo  refers to all type of momo ( veg, chicken and buff) which are  fried after half steaming.

Open momo

The momo recipie in cup shape without closing the kema inside by dough is known as open momo. 

Behind these types of momo different varieties and taste of momo are found in Nepal on the basis of place where you are. Momo is intake with pickle of sesame(teel in Nepali )and chilli as well as mint which increase the taste of momo.

Depending upon kema of the dough in momo, mainly two types of momo :- veg momo and non – veg momo are available. Veg momo includes different vegetable, milk products, nuts and spices inside the dough as kema. Similarly non –veg items includes meat of goat, lamb, pork, water buffalo, yak, chicken, turkey and sea food with spices as kema.

There is a believe that momo technique enters in Nepal through Newari traders from Lasha and Tibetan who migrates towards mountainous region of Nepal.

3. Newari khaja set

Newari khaja set

By name it seems like the food is common among Newari people only but it is one of the selective food among all Neplease.

 Each Newari food items have its own religious and cultural value. Some common Newari food items are: –

Beaten rice -Samaybaji (chiura)

Samaybaji is Newari name of beaten rice which is called chiura in Nepali. It is healthy food item which is prepare by boiling rice grains and then passing through machine. Beaten rice is important food item in Newari culture. There is tradition of offering beaten rice to the God during puja, festival and special occasion. Because of its uniqueness on taste, preparing style and naturality , it is common in all Nepalese.

Beaten rice is common snacks of Nepalese during festival and day to day life. In taking beaten rice either with curry, pickle, yogurt or meat gives special taste as unique food recipe.

Lentil pancake- Wo (bara)

Bara – Wo in a Newari language is delicious food item containing green or black lentils. Varieties of lentil pancake are available depending on way of cooking.

Potato pickle

Potato pickle is most common pickle item among all neplease family as alu ko achar. It is healthier and selective dish in regular food items as potato salad. With mixing other green vegetables such as raddish, beans, onion, cucumber and roasted fenugreek in it, we can make special recipe of potato as well.

Smoked meat (chhoela)

Smoked meat is common as chhoela in Newari culture.Chhoela of different boneless meat items of goat, buffalo or chicken are available according to our choice. Commonly, it is a pickle of smoked boneless meat.

Beside these fried soybeans, boiled black eye bean with bamboo shoot and potato (aloo tama), fried fish, buff, mutton and chicken meat items, alcohol are common in each special occasion (bhoj).

4. Dhindo

Dhido Nepali food

Dhindo, one of the  healthier and selective food of Nepal has become more popular nowadays.  Increasing demand among internal and external tourist shows the value of food.

Dhindo is paste of floor prepare by boiling water and floor of grains in proper manner and applying enough force until forming proper paste. Depending on type of floor, different types of dhindo are found in Nepal. Grains such as millet, wheat, maize buckwheat, barley are most common for obtaining floor of Dhindo.

Different recipe of Dhindo are form by making paste of various floor items. For example, barley floor is use to make barley dhindo recipe, millet floor for millet dhindo and so on.

Dhindo with gundruk (local food prepare by  fermenting spinach or other green leaves of vegetable), local hen meat and pickle gives delicious taste. Various curry items, dal, and pickle are taken with dhindo. It is very good food for people suffering from diabetics.

Because of softness peope of every age can intake this dish and it is very good food for removing cholesterol of body as well



Thukpa is a popular snack in Nepal. Mostly children and teenagers love this dish and it is common among adults as well. It contains thick soup with noodles, vegetables, egg or meat of our choice.

 According to our selection ingredients except noodles may be different in Thukpa. If we want hot and spice also we can easily get such recipie regarding to place and availability.


Except these food items, there are numerous dishes which have special taste and importance found in Nepal. Each caste and cultural group of Country Nepal have their own way of intaking and preparing food also which gives divine variation on food.

Thus to taste all these unique food items visit Nepal with Mission summit treks. We will also make your visit wonderful with beauty and diversity of Nepal.

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