All Hotel Names and Contact Numbers of ABC Trek

Hotel Names and Contact Numbers of ABC Trek

The Hotel names and contact numbers of ABC trek is very important information that every trekkers in ABC trekking route require. Annapurna base camp trek is the selected trekking destination which remains crowded in each trekking season. To avoid the unavailability of accommodation in the Annapurna base camp trekking trial we are here with all the hotel names and contact numbers of this route. It becomes difficult to get a room in peak season, so we are here with hotel names and contact numbers of the Annapurna base camp trekking route.

Jhinu Danda

Jhinu Danda is a small town offering 7 guest houses providing lodges and food for trekkers. The natural hot spring of Jhinu Hill is famous among the trekking team. You can take bath in hot spring depending on your desire.

Here are the Hotel Name list and contact Number of Jhinu Danda ( Hot Spring).

Jhinu Danda ( Hot Spring)
Hotel NameNumber 
Namaste Guest House & Restaurant9856068888, 9846267024
Tibet Guest House & Restaurant9846306024, 9848257645
Hotel Evergreen & Restaurant9856031459 9846100000
Jhinu Guest House & Restaurant9866009975, 9846999946
Gurung Cottage and Restaurant9825144411, 9867358032
Green View Restaurant ( Upper Jhinu)9864656988, 9863512910
Machhapurchre View point ( Upper Jhinu)9748401869, 9846857496


The best lodge in Annapurna base camp trek is available in Chhomrong. It is the largest village after Ghandruk in the Annapurna region with best tea houses, restaurants and bakery. You can enjoy the amazing view of Annapurna south, Himchuli and Machhapuchhre from the village. There are 19 hotels in Chhomrong and some new hotels are under construction.

Here are all the hotel/tea House/ Lodge names and contact numbers of Chhomrong Village, Annapurna region.

Hotel NameNumber 
Heaven View Guest House & Restaurant9741786419, 9846459051
Panorama Point Lodge & Restaurant9846978430, 9851048487
Fishtail Guest House & Restaurant9864372469, 9745457684
Himalayan View Guest House & Restaurant9856048888
Excellent View Top Lodge and restaurant9856048777, 9856017888
International Guest House & Restaurant9846107026, 9846728166
Kalpana Guest House & Resturant9846086194, 9856038149
Mountain view lodge & Restaurant9861503261, 9869213842
Lucky Guest and Restaurant9840152548, 9846054685
Monalisa Guest and resturant9860232784, 9856050815
Chhomrong Cottage & resturant9846756209, 9864379428
Elysium Guest House & Restaurant9866544324, 9846208528
New Chhomrong Guest House  & Restaurant9856066344, 9856036343
Hotel Alpine & Resturant9846512738, 9748401871
Real Chhomrong Guest House & Restaurant9863376854, 9864426864
Millinium Lodge & Restaurant9846623995, 9844914725
Smriti German Bakery & Coffee Shop9863490052
Garden Villa Lodge & Restaurant9840778917, 9863427465
New Destination Hotel and Restaurant9856044245, 9846469596

Kimrong Khola

The next resting destination of Annapurna base camp trekking route is Kimrong Khola. The small settlement on the northern side of Kimrong Khola offers amazing view of Modi khola, Annapurna range, Hills and forest. Since the village is small and there are only 4 hotels in Kimrong Khola.

All the Lodges/Tea houses/ Hotel Names and Numbers of Kimrong Khola, Annapurna region are listed below.

Kimrong Khola
Hotel NameNumber
Kimrong Guest House & Restaurant8842273223, 9766015427
Alisa Restaurant9863373501
Kimrong View & Restaurant9846572945
New peaceful Hotel & Restaurant9846606363

Lower Sinuwa

Lower Sinuwa homes to 10 guest houses/lodges/tea houses for accommodation of trekkers and guest. The confluence of Modi Khola and Chhomrong Khola, the great view of Machhapuchhre, Annapurna south, and Annapurna landscape welcome us in Lower Sinuwa. It takes around 3 hours to reach Lower Sinuwa from Chhomrong.

The Hotel names and contact number of Lower Sinuwa, Annapurna region are listed in table below:

Lower Sinuwa
Hotel NameNumber
Brother Guest House & Restaurant9745452960, 9866346852
Super View Guest  House & Restaurant9742928313, 9848568356
Organic Food and Bravage Restaurant9846464165, 9867795749
Kalpana Guest House & Resturant9846086194, 9856038149
Nepali Restaurant9869093937
Hotel Himal and Resturant9867060232, 9864371767
Real Sinuwa Cottage Lodge and Restaurant9846004266, 9860409015
Preeti Guest House & Restaurant9846342256, 9866099216
Sherpa Guest House & Restaurant9864374467, 9846740944
Muna Guest House & Resturant9865093172, 9819134937

Upper Sinuwa

Upper Sinuwa is a beautiful village with ethnic community of Magar and Gurung people. There are four renowned hotels/tea houses/lodges in Upper Sinuwa for facilitating the treks in the Annapurna region.

Hotel names and contact number of Upper Sinuwa is listed in table below:

Upper Sinuwa
Hotel NameNumber
Hill Top Lodge and Restaurant9847023138, 9860198011
Sinuwa Lodge and Resturant9748211423, 9856017499
Sinuwa Guest House and Resturant9846262409, 9766028007
Silent Peak Restaurant9846623995, 9846719276


Bamboo is a beautiful settlement with bamboo plants growing around the village. It is the selected place of trekkers for night stay during the Annapurna base camp trek. There are eight hotels/tea houses/lodges in Bamboo. The contact list and hotel names of Bamboo, Annapurna region are listed in Table below:-

Hotel NameNumber
Buddha Guest House & Restaurant9766015164, 9846257607
Bamboo Guest House & Restaurant9846318952, 9846290080
Trekking Guest House& Restaurant9867068232, 9762864742
Bamboo Lodge & Restaurant9824173809, 9865535290
Green View Lodge & Restaurant9846257879, 9814148911
Eco-friendly Lodge & Restaurant9846855161, 9863427465
Sunrise Restaurant ( Diglyo)9846358890
Hill Top Restaurant9846303436


Gurjung is a small village settled in the north bank of Kimrong Khola. An hour of walk from Chhomrong takes us to Gurjung. There are four lodges in Gurjung village where you can have lunch or stay overnight during the Annapurna base camp trek.

The hotel name list with a contact number of the hotel is listed in the table below:

Hotel NameNumber
Ghurjung Lodge & Restaurant9864384209, 9844125555
Greenland Lodge & Restaurant9866345809, 9847627312
Greenhill Lodge & Restaurant9864372433
Namo Buddha Lodge & Restaurant9846729046, 9846412902

Hotel names and contact numbers in Dovan

Dovan is a beautiful place on the lap of Annapurna mountain range. You can have best food in Dovan with amazing view of Annapurna conservation area and snowcapped mountains. It is selected place for night stay as well. There are five lodges for night stay in Dovan. Hotel names and contact numbers of Dovan in ABC trekking route are listed below.

Hotel NameNumber
Dovan Guest House & Restaurant9840778715, 9846523411
Annapurna Approach Lodge & Restaurant9745283198, 9816155501
Tip Top Loadge & Restaurant061621655, 9846027793
Green Land Lodge & Restaurant9749433227
Destination ABC Lodge & Restaurant9846257685, 9856044245


Himalaya is one of the selected village for spending time in the Annapurna base camp trekking trial. You can view beautiful Ghandruk village with black slate-roofed houses. Amazing view of Annapurna south, Himchuli, Gangapurna and Machhapuchhre from the Himalayas gives positive vibes for each trekkers. There are three lodges and restaurants in Himalaya, Annapurna region. The name and contact numbers of the hotel owner are listed in the table below:

Himalaya Guest House & Restaurant9766027283, 9856077000
Hotel Himalaya & Restaurant9842283392, 9844901704
Hotel Royal Family & Restaurant9861355596, 9846263819


Deurali is small settlement before reaching the Machhapuchhre base camp. You can stay overnight in Deurali and next day reach Annapurna base camp. There are five lodges/tea houses/hotels in Deurali which provides clean rooms and good food. Hotel names and contact numbers of Deurali, Annapurna region are listed below:

The Hotel names and contact numbers in Deurali
Hotel NameNumber
New Panorama Guest House & Lodge9846257775, 9851196854
Dream Lodge & Restaurant9863500218, 9846287693
Shangrilla Guest House & Restaurant9862385328, 9840679043
Hotel View point Deurali & Restaurant9746304090, 9846359832
Deurali Guest House & Restaurant9846280870, 9866050425

Machhapurchhare Base Camp (MBC)

Machhapuchhare Base Camp (MBC) is the base of Mt fishtail which gives amazing view of Gangapurna, Machhapuchhare, and Annapurna South. You can stay overnight in MAchhapuchhare. There are five lodges in MBC providing clean rooms and good food for your comfortable stay. Hotel names and contact numbers of the Machhapuchhare base camp are listed below:-

Machhapuchhare Base Camp (MBC)
Hotel Name Number
Fishtail Guest House & Restaurant9856069055, 9856035086
Shankar Guest House & Restaurant9745457948, 9866343291
Gurung co-Operative Guest house9749359058, 9749359056
Machhapuchhre Guest House9745289937, 9762868430
Gangapurna View Lodge & Restaurant9846214351, 9745449332

 Hotel names and contact numbers in Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna base camp is the final destination of the ABC trek. The panoramic view of the Annapurna range and snowy landscape is amazing to view in the base camp. It is difficult to get rooms in peak season. There are six tea houses/lodges/guest houses providing accommodation in the Annapurna base camp. All hotel names and contact list is shown in the table below:

Annapurna Base Camp 
Hotel Name Number
Annapurna Guest House & Restaurant9846063557, 9844920552
Annapurna Sanctuary Lodge & Restaurant9845397742, 9846923397
Snowland Lodge & Restaurant9806729709, 9817127508
Hotel Paradise Garden & Restaurant9846605439, 9869141256
Sunrise Guest House & Restaurant9869093628, 9866099316
Hotel Peaceful & Restaurant9864381912, 9840604468


Annapurna Base camp trek is the most crowded Trekking route in the Annapurna region. If you are going there without Guide or Trekking agency then we suggest you book all rooms in advance. Here we mention the trekking location and available hotel/ lodge with their Contact Numbers. Share this post with your friends and family who are planning for Annapurna base Camp Trek, It will help to book a hotel in advance. Thank you so much for reading the Hotel Names and Contact Numbers of ABC Trek blog post.

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