Tourist cant walk alone above Namche : Everest Region

Fake News : The latest Notice of Everest Region: Tourists are not allowed to walk alone in the area above Khumbu Namche. According to Solukhumbu District Police Office, an increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists who came on tour without a guide or companion went missing.

Deputy Superintendent of Forestry Sunil Jang Shah informed that a companion is mandatory for visiting the area above the Namche Forestry Post. It is because after reaching the high Himalayan region, people get sick, get sick and face various disasters.

Pranav Shah said that the Namche check post has been instructed to strictly check.

According to the above notice from Autumn 2022, You must hire a local trekking company or hire a local Guide to trek above Namche. 

for The following trek, you must hire a Guide or  Trekking Company. 

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