Nepal Land of Himalayas, Famous place to visit in kathmandu, Beautiful And Historical Place Of Kathmandu

8 Most Famous Beautiful And Historical Place Of Kathmandu

Travelling Nepal first let you to Step your feet on Tribhuvan International airport (TIA). TIA lies in Kathmandu. Each travel agencies offer you to spend some hours or a whole day in Kathmandu Nepal before heading towards your trekking Zone.

Kathmandu is a most developed valley of Nepal. It offers you different pilgrim sites, visiting parks, Gardens and many more which you should not miss after being in Kathmandu.

Pashupatinath Temple

Sadhu baba at Pasupatinath, place to visit in Kathmandu
Sadhubaba at Pasupatinath

The most important as well as popular temple among Hinduism is Pashupatinath. The glory and pride of Nepal, Pashupatinath is the greatest religious site of Hindus all over the world. So, millions of people visit Pashupatinath each year.

Temple of lord Shiva, Pashupatinath is built in 5th century by Lichhavi King Prachanda Deva and later renovated by Malla Kings. Each year Pashupatinath foundation works on retaining its condition. It is said that the Pashupatinath exist from the beginning of Gopal Bamsha, First Dynasty of Nepal when Shiva Lingam was discovered here during rearing cows on that area.

An ancient story with the discovery of Pashupatinath

In the age of the Gopal Dynasty, there was a farmer who always herds cows on Gaushala. He found that one cow  giving less milk everyday as compared to others. The cow was healthy and used to eat enough grass and water. He start noticing that cow while raring it in ground of Gaushala. One day he saw the cow milking in one place near the Bagmati river. He was surprised thinking, why it is doing so? The next day also he saw the same. Then He shared the event with his coworkers and they planned to dig the ground. They convey the message to King. In the presence of King, farmers dig the ground and found Shiva Lingam under the ground. Then Temple of Lord Shiva was established on the mean place.

Pashupatinath is the largest temple complex in Nepal, The bagmati River flowing from Bagdwar is on both sides of Pashupati area. The bagmati river is holy river and Cremation took place on the bank of pashupati by burning. The end of life in front of eyes shows the reality of life. The great lesson, one ever had in life.

How to reach Pashupatinath?

Pashupatimnath is 4.5Km away from thamel. You can reach Pashupatinath by walking or hiring taxi/car. Ypu can reach Pashupatinath with in 1 hour on walking. It took only 15min on taxi. Walking or using taxi is on your choice.

Why to visit Pashupatinath?

To know the reality of life. You should visit Pashupati Because of historical importance, beautifulness and ritual of Hinduism. Because of scenery hidden in the greatest Temple of Lord Shiva with golden roof in Pagoda style, Four Silver doors on four direction behind the wooden carvings, big statue of Nandi( vehicle of  Lord Shiva), hundreds of Shiva lingam, romaing monkeys, Gujeshwori tempe on the east of Bagmati river dedicated to Shiva consorts Satidevi, flowing bagmati river and many more things around the corridor of Passhupatinath.  There are 12 Jyotirlinga (phallic shrines),  around492 temples, 15 Shivalayas (shrine of Lord Shiva), Deupatan, Jayabageshwori, Gaurighat in the temple area. As a whole Pashupatinath area shows you the religious, cultural and spiritual value of Lord Shiva in Hinduism.

There is a believe that steping once in Pashupatinath is equal to visiting rest of all religious places regarding to Hinduism. People of all caste and religion are allowed to visit pashupatinath. There is no restriction regarding to caste, culture and religion.


night life of Thamel Kathmandu
night life of Thamel Kathmandu

Thamel is the touristic area of Nepal. As you land on Nepal, your first destination will be Thamel. We will get well facilitate hotels, restro and bars in Thamel. So, beautiful Thamel Bazzar is specially designed for welcoming tourist and providing enough facilities for their comfort. Thamel is commercial zone and heart of travel companies. You can easily get your guide and fulfill your tavelling plan whole over the country.

Various shops and vendors are well spread in each corner and junction of Thamel. Common materials since past and present are available in Thamel.  Shops with Various food items including fresh vegetables, fruits and pastries, trekking gear, walking gear, music, DVDs, handicrafts, souvenirs, woolen items and clothes stand on both sides of the street. These shops increase beauty of thamel.

Why Thamel is famous?

Thamel is free wifi zone since 28 September 2011. Many roads are declared as vehicle free zone in October 2017. It is the best place to enjoy the night life of Kathmandu. Live music, concerts are done to welcome and provide entertainment for tourist. Thamel is pre base camp of mountaineers and other trekers as they get rest and start their journey from Thamel. Each and every materials for preparing trek is available in Thamel.

How to reach Thamel?

As Thamel is traffic free zone, you can reach thamel corridor via taxi up to Jamal which is outside of Thamel. Then you have to walk 20 mins from Jamal or can use rickshaws.

Bouddhanath Stupa

Buddhanath stupa kathmandu Nepal
Buddhanath stupa kathmandu Nepal

Smallest area with greatest history, Bouddhanath is one of the busiest cultural heritage of Nepal.  People visit Bouddhanath to gain peace and refreshment. There is unbelievable history with the establishment of Bouddhanath which is the gumba made on memory of King Bikramaditya (Lichhavi king).

What are the major attractions of Boudhanath Stupa?

The peace withholds in Boudhanath is unexplainable. The largest stupa of is the main attraction not only for seeing and feeling but for making Kora (ritual circumnavigation) of the dome, beneath the watchful eyes of Buddha. These eyes keep on gazing us from the guilded central tower.

Boudhanath is accessible with Tibetian Buddhist culture. Pilgrims visiting Boudhanath spin prayer wheels which is all around the Gumba and stock up on yak butter and tsampa(roasted barley floor).while Tibeaten monks in maroon robes wander the prayer- decked streets.

There are monasteries, workshops producing butter lamps, ceremonial horns, tibeaten drums, monks headgear and many more essential materials for tibeaten Buddhist life are all around the stupa.

How to reach Boudhanath Stupa?

Public or private vehicles can easily drop you on Boudhanath stupa. It takes 15-20 min from Thamel by Cab.

Swayambhunath Stupa

swambunath, Moneky Tample, kathmadu tample

Swayambhunath the view tower of Kathmandu valley is another most important place to visit. It is also known as Monkey temple because of numerous monkeys roaming on its corridor all the time. It is an ancient stupa situated on the hill of Kathmandu city towards its west. Nepali also pronounce it by Shyambunath.

Why to visit Swayambhunath?

Swayambhunath, a great Stupa having white solid base with watchable eyes of Lord Buddha representing wishdom and compassion is the main part to visit. Pair of eyes are present in four sides with third eye in its center. The third eye seems as question mark, it is sign of unity of all things exsisting in the world. Third eye is path of enlightenment through the teaching of Lord Buddha.

The collections of shrines and temples, monuments, carving of five Buddha ( Vairochana – in the centre representing master of temple, Akshobhya – facing east which represents cosmic element of consciousness, Ratna Sambhava –facing south which represents cosmic element of sensation, Amitabha – facing west representing cosmic element of name and Amoghsiddhi – facing north which represents cosmic element of conformation), at the base of Swayambhunath, wonderful scenery of Kathmandu from the yard of man stupa, saraswoti temple, varites of trees, fresh air touching you with flow of peace in you are the main reason to visit Swayambhunath. In hindu mythology visiting this hilly place gives knowledge and strength to follow the path of truth.

You will have unexplainable view of peaceful  Kathmandu valley from the yard of Swayambhunath.

How to reach Swayambhunath?

By using private vehicle, taxi, or car. It takes not more than 10-20 minute to reach Swayambhunath from Thamel. Two paths are Sanovaryang and thulovaryang are there to reach at the top. You can choose any of them. The cemented stair cases with numerous shrines and temples guides you on the top of Swayambhunath.

 Chandragiri hill

Chandragiri hill is the best well-managed touristic place situated on 2551 meters above sea level in southwest of Kathmandu. It ies in Thankot, Kathmandu.

What makes Chandragiri famous?

Chandragiri is famous because of its altitude, beauty and proper management for visitors. Rope way – the cable car to reach on the hill with the view of wonderful Rhodendron forest is major attraction for small to elder people. The Bhaleshwor Mahadev temple represent religious faith.  You can view Wonderful Kathmandu valley with Annapurna and other mountain ranges forming horizon behind hills of Kathmandu from the corridor of temple. Well managed children park gives you space for rest and make your children enjoying with games. View tower – The topest point to view Kathmanndu valley, Dhading and many more places of Nepal, on the top of restro is another attraction of the Chandragiri hills. You can have good food on the restro or café with enjoying the scenery from the Chandragiri hill.

How to go Chandragiri hills?

You can go Chandragiri by using private vehicle from thamel  or public bus either from Ratnapark or Kalanki. Chandragiri 10.8 Km away from Thamel  and it takes 30-35 min.

Kathmandu durbar square


Kathmandu durbar square also called as Basantapur is the closest and best destination of Kathmandu valley which reflect culture, religion and beauty of Nepal. Presently it is under construction to give its original look as before the distruction via Earthquake 2072 in Nepal.

What are the attractions of Kathmandu Durbar square?

Kathmandu Durbar square is the UNESCO world heritage site carrying historical importance. The museum reflecting the life of Royal family, Kumarighar – temple and place to stay for living goddess Kumari, Kal Bhairav, Shiva Mandir, Hanuman statue, courtyards and attractive Palaces with wonderful crafts of Malla and Shah kings are major attraction of Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is heart Kathmandu. Artist remain busy on their canvas to capture the beauty of Basantapur. Various galleries, street shop with cultural statue and crafts increases beauty of the place.

How to reach Kathmandu Durbar square?

Kathmandu durbar Square is nearby new road. You can reach Kathmandu Durbar square on foot from Thamel. It took maximum about half an hour from Thamel. Even you can hire taxi aswell.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti palace museum Kathmandu Nepal
Narayanhiti palace museum Nepal

 Before Loktantra  in Nepal, Narayanhiti was a Palace. After peoples movement 2062/63BS Royal family leave the palace and after some year it was converted into Narayanhiti palace museum in 2064/65 BS. Narayanhiti Palace museum is situated in Durbarmarg Kathmandu.

What to expect in Narayanhiti Palace museum?

The Naryanhiti palace museum is most beautiful expanding in 15 hactre land. The Royal life of Nepal, culture of each district of Nepal is mirrior image of this meusium. The closeup view of the way how royal family used to live in Palace, wonderful decoration, history of Nepal, place where life of Royal family of Birendra bir bikram shah dev ended. Gardens and many more attachments of royalty of Nepal.

How to reach Narayanhiti Palace museum?

Ypu can reach Narayanhiti palace Museum within 10 min from thamel on foot and 5 min on taxi. You should have buy tickets for entrance.

Garden of Dreams

On the get way to thamel just near to entance of Kasar mall, there is a peaceful wonderful garden which you must visit. Beyond the crowed of Kathmandu city, a peaceful environment with best natural arrangement, Garden of dreams takes you to the land of your imagination.

Garden of dreams is a classical historical garden with six seasonal beauty at once. Kaisar Sumsher Rana has made it in 1920AD as private garden. It becomes property of  government of Nepal after the death of Kaisar Sumsher Rana.

What is uniqueness of Garden of dreams?

The peaceful Greenland with variety of rare to common flora with beautiful decoration representing six season of Nepal is the uniqueness of Garden of Dreams. Well managed lawn, sitting area, artistic design makes you to have photographs and capture the precious moment. It gives perfect environment for retaining yourself and refresh you. The nearby Library – The keshar mall library encourage you to spend sometimes with books on the garden and increases knowledge as well.

How to reach Garden of dreams?

Garden of dreams is on the gateway to Thamel. You can reach here by foot within 5 -10 minute. Ticket of garden of dreams will allow you to enter the garden.


Nepal, the beautiful country offers Amazon in diversity, heaven in natural gifts and holy land on belief and faiths. Visit Nepal and don’t miss to be on Pashupati nath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Kathmandu Durbar square, Narayanhiti Palace museum, Thamel, Chandra giri and Garden of dreams after coming Kathmandu. Come with extra one day for visiting Kathmandu after or before the trek. Because this all places are most important places carrying historical, cultural, religious and spiritual values. Mission summit and expedition make your visit successful as one day Kathmandu tour.

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